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  • Which zodiac Sign should you date in 2020?

        Last time I decided to date in this immensely wild time, I turned to dating apps because I couldn’t expect my friends to set me up on date with someone, especially when it has been a complete flop show in the past. And after many many compatibility issues, the only question we are […] More

  • What does your cuddle style say about you?

        Cuddling is what many people like and no it doesn’t make you vanilla. Cuddling ensures safety and comfort and send a message to your partner that you are there for them not just for their body. Below mentions are a few benefits of cuddling: Creates more sexual satisfaction and intimacy It is often […] More

  • What zodiac sign is least compatible with you?

        Zodiac signs are very interesting in my opinion. They tell a lot about a person’s personality type. If you want to get an insight into a person’s mind then you might opt for his zodiac signs. They are not 100% accurate all the time but they could give you a good overall picture […] More

  • Who is your ideal partner?

        We all set relationship goals in order to make it the best one we will ever have. Well, these are the goals that you need to set in order to make your relationship the best. Start communicating and make sure you do it better. It is essential for a healthy relationship and strong […] More

  • What is your standard of love?

        Romantic love has many connotations includes positives and many negatives, but that is the stigma attached to it. These connotations are nothing but in real different categories of love which people often get confused with. Dr. Helen Fisher and her team at Rutgers believe that this romantic love can be divided into 3 […] More

  • What type of guy is your soulmate?

        There are basically 4 different common types of guys. Let us find who could be your soulmate. 1. The Hot Guy The kind of guy who everyone has the hots for the moment he walks in the room, and is incredibly attractive. It’s not a trouble till he starts focusing on gym more […] More

  • What % Boyfriend Material Are You?

        It is a no-brainer that there are different types of boyfriends. While it is impossible to make a list which covers almost all the boyfriends that you could find out there. We could still list a few of the most common ones. You may find it useful since knowing them better will make […] More

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    How Innocent Are You?

        Drama is one of the many things the modern girls are the queen of. But in my opinion, you should not pay heed to these drama queens because they don’t have anything to do they just do drama all day and feel that it is their job to do. They are the worst […] More

  • Are You a Siren or a Mermaid?

        Self-awareness is one of the rarest quality that you could find in someone. I don’t know the exact reason for this but I have seen that some personality types are naturally more self-aware than others. You might feel sad for yourself if you are not but hey everything has pros and cons. Being […] More

  • Which Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

        Disney has been an important part of our childhood. It really shaped us who we are today. If you feel that it was an overstatement then I would like to reconsider your judgment. We all know that majority of our personality traits, tendencies, likes, desires and even phobias arise from our childhood. It […] More

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    What Kind of Teenager Are You?

        Celebrities hold an important position in our lives. We have put them on a pedestal and we never realize that they also are humans just like us and we should not treat them as Gods. We often forget this line, sure, they may be great in their art but that doesn’t make them […] More

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