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  • Does your boyfriend secretly hate you?

        Key to a healthy state of mind is being in healthy relationships. One of the primary aspect to a healthy relationship is healthy and proper communication. Healthy Communication The very basis of a healthy relationship is open, honest and safe communication. In order to achieve such a state of communication, one must ensure […] More

  • What is your strongest mental ability?

        Mind is one of the most important things which we often tend to ignore in our day to day life. We take care of physical health but we often forget to take care of our mental health. If you look closely at the modern lifestyle you would quickly realize that stress is an […] More

  • Which Subject would you excel in at Hogwarts?

        Who wouldn’t like to get admitted in to Hogwarts, the school of Wizardry and Witchcraft, I mean there is an obvious reason a.k.a magic. But what is other than wizardry and witchcraft that is so tempting about the school? Well, among all the things appealing about Hogwarts, the abundance of various subjects made […] More

  • Which Harry Potter character should you actually marry?

        Potterheads since the creation of Harry Potter series have been looking for more and more details in the books. With so many theories and clues, readers have concluded that there are hidden meanings behind the names of the characters of the series. Here are the meanings behind some names from the “Harry Potter” […] More

  • How rare is your personality?

        Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI might not get the acknowledgement it deserves but it definitely has an audience who believes that this is an interesting medium to get to know people. Though all the 16 types are described quite extensively here are the top 3 which are considered the rarest of them […] More

  • What role would you play in a teen movie?

        We all have had days when everything seemed impossible and all we wanted to do was skip school and homework, stay at home in that cozy blanket with a big tub of ice cream, flavoured soda and a big bag of chips and watch something we could relate to. Something that would make […] More

  • What Personality Type Are You?

        I think this is one of the most important topics to discuss on the planet right now. So without further a do let us get started. There are many different personality types walking on our planet. If we take a closer look at the people we are surrounded by then you would get […] More

  • What’s the Hidden Meaning of Your Name?

        You might not have realized it but names have a significant impact on the personality. Though I don’t believe this but I have seen many people who all belief in it. There are many reasons which they cite. One of the most logical ones which I heard was that during the childhood days […] More

  • How Witty Are You Really?

        Different people have a different sense of humor. This is the beauty of human beings. We may all be almost genetically identical beings but yet we are so different. There are many people who love sarcasm. Some people are naturally sarcastic and it makes the conversation fun with them. Though be careful if […] More

  • There Are Two Types of People in This World — Which Are You?

        It is seen that each one of us are very different from one another though we all are homosapiens. It is one of the most distinguishing factors of the human race. We are intelligent and capable of forming our own thoughts. This shapes our personality and it is obvious that each personality will […] More

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