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    Percy Jackson: Who is your Godly Parent?

    Early years of one’s life Sally Jackson was a human who had the ability to see through the Mist when she gave birth to Perseus “Percy” Jackson on August 18, 1993. Poseidon is a Greek god of the oceans, storms, and horses, and Sally Jackson was a mortal who had the ability to see through […] More

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    Which Female Avenger are you?

    In recent years, there has been talk about an all-female Avengers film, which has grown in popularity after the “female Avengers” scene in Avengers: Endgame. But who may be a member of an all-female Avengers team? As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is presently known, it began with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man in 2008, which introduced […] More

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    Which of Rick Riordan’s Seven Demigods Are You?

    The Great Prophecy had been fulfilled following the events of the Second Titan War and Kronos’ defeat at the hands of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and the Olympians. Using Blackjack, Rachel Elizabeth Dare was able to fly to Camp Half-Blood, where she was able to channel the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. Rachel collapsed […] More

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    What Minecraft Manhunt Star Are You?

    A manhunt is an entertaining variation on the Minecraft speedrunning game. Instead of racing against the time, players take on the role of either a runner or a hunter. Runners must stay alive as a variable number of hunters track you down and attempt to murder you. The first known Minecraft Manhunt video is titled […] More

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    Which BLACKPINK Member are you?

    What is the significance of the name Blackpink? The name of the organization was chosen to provide a contrast to the image of femininity that is often linked with the color pink in popular culture. When the girl group Blackpink made its debut, their company YG Entertainment said that the name was chosen to communicate […] More

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    Answer These Morality Questions and We’ll Guess How God Is Testing You

      This existence is filled with trials and tribulations because of our sin. Numerous individuals believe that God tests us through hardship to determine whether or not we will remain loyal to Him; but, as we have shown, this is not the case. Consider the definition of a “test.” Tests, in our opinion, may be […] More

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    Can You Complete These Simple German Phrases?

    Depending on who you ask, German is considered a difficult language. Or, to put it another way, everyone claims that German is a difficult language to learn. If only there were a list of ten incredibly simple and really useful German phrases that would allow you to handle the most typical everyday scenarios that you […] More

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    How Well Do You Remember ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’?

    A scenario similar to this can be found at the beginning of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” in which director Steven Spielberg is likely to be browsing through old copies of Boys’ Life and Thrilling Wonder Tales in his basement office. Because contemporary Hollywood escapist films have grown too jaded and cynical, I found […] More

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    How Well Do You Remember ‘Roseanne?’

    Neither the Conners nor their children ever apologized to us when we first met them, and they continue to do so. Roseanne broke new boundaries in terms of what a network comedy could represent for nine seasons. In 1988, its portrayal of a working-class family trying to make ends meet, as well as its in-your-face […] More

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    The Ultimate ‘That ’70s Show’ Quiz

    It was during the 1970s television programs that television truly pushed the boundaries of what could be broadcast. Following your choices, as well as votes from other television lovers, this list of the top television series from the 1970s rates the shows of the decade from best to worst. Social commentary was woven into the […] More

  • How Well Do You Know ‘The Big Lebowski’?

    The Coen brothers have always had a distinctive visual style that leans toward excessive architectural detail — lengthy hallways, strange interior decorating, forced viewpoints, lonely landscapes, and lurid cityscapes — that has become synonymous with their work. When they are in a location that is apparently realistic, such as the suburbs of “A Serious Man” […] More

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    Can You Ace This ‘Family Ties’ Quiz?

    NBC’s “Family Ties” has changed over the years since it was founded by Gary David Goldberg in 1980 to become a program about a formerly ultra-liberal couple coping with the responsibilities of a middle-class marriage to a show about their boisterous yuppie son relishing the delights of making money. The fact that Michael J. Fox […] More

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