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  • Which Hogwarts Teacher Is Your Love Match?

        People were asked to repeat long strings of single-digit number in reverse order in the working memory test whereas candidates engaged in matching symbols to numbers within 90 seconds in the matching symbols test. Lastly in the word-reading test candidates were supposed to read 50 irregularly spelled words which were listed in the […] More

  • How Much Do You Know About Harry Potter?

        Ronald Bilius Weasley’s name refers to his status as Harry’s sidekick. Ron’s name very much defined his personality and position in the books. The name “Ronald” is an anglicized name derived from the Old Norse name “Rögnvaldr,” which refers to a ruler’s adviser. Whereas “Weasley,” it sounds a lot like “weasel,” which isn’t […] More

  • Can You Pass This Hardest Harry Potter Quiz?

        Majority of movies especially fairytales like Cinderella, Snow White, and many others promoted the damsel in distress stereotype, in which the lead characters is completely helpless and is dependent upon a knight in shining armor to rescue her. As much as it seemed romantic it was also a very irrational representation of women […] More

  • What will you be when you grow up?

        The profession is one thing that defines us. If we don’t pay heed to our choices in life then we might end up being in the wrong profession. And trust me there is nothing more bad then being in a place where you don’t belong to. I have been there and done that. […] More

  • Are You Someone With A Rare Personality?

        Today we will be discussing an important topic Which Musical instrument are you? Music is one of the greatest gifts to humanity. Though I know that we only had created it but in my opinion it is pretty much damn insane. It has been found in several research papers that music is good […] More

  • How Will You Meet Your Future Husband?

        You cannot forget about his or her photos, cards, letters, and gifts Seems like very familiar, then you are most likely stuck previously and battling with old relationship affects. Relation To forget about this, you have to process what went down. Consider the large picture and find out all of the factors that […] More

  • What’s your kissing style? Quiz

        Romantic comedy has always been in talks especially when it comes to deciding what goes in it and what goes out. But here we have a carefully curated list of a few movies which after much thought we believe belong to the genre. What we came across is that this genre is somewhat […] More

  • Which Cinderella Character Are You?

      7. You praise others. All humans crave acknowledgement and appreciation. When you commend others, you satisfy that craving and build trust in the process. This all begins when you focus on the good in others. Then, by sharing specifically what you appreciate, you inspire them to be the best version of themselves. 8. You give helpful […] More

  • What percent alien are you?

      4. You benefit from criticism. Nobody enjoys negative feedback. But you know that criticism is a chance to learn, even if it’s not delivered in the best way. And even when it’s unfounded, it gives you a window into how others think. When you receive negative feedback, you keep your emotions in check and ask yourself: How […] More

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