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    How many boys want to kiss you?

        Memories of first kisses always remain with us. We tend to remember our surrounding during that time, our partner, and many other fine details which we might not remember of some other event. Sadly, there are a very few studies regarding kissing in general, let alone the first kiss. There are many songs, […] More

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    Who’s Your Dream Guy?

        It is true that not every guy will fit into the categories in any of such lists floating around the internet. The reason why we make such lists (and why we like to read it) is because it is fun and relatable to the audience. Most of the time these types of categories […] More

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    Can We Guess How Long You’ve Been Single For?

        There are many people who hate being single and are often desperate to get in one. This is one of the most common reasons why people get into toxic relationships. While there could be many reasons why people don’t want to spend some time being single. One of the reasons why people hate […] More

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    How Old Is Your Soul?

        Maturity is one of those things that our fast-paced world really lacks. Empathy, kindness, and love have become synonymous with weakness. We have might have become much more advanced than our ancestors but still, we lack in terms of maturity. To know the reason behind it we have to do a bit of […] More

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    Can You Pass This Sociopath Test?

        Sociopaths are quite interesting creatures. It is estimated that around 4% of Americans are sociopaths. However, I was not able to find any credible information for other countries. Let us discuss a few facts about them. 1. The number one profession attracts the sociopaths and psychopaths the most are CEOs. 2. While most […] More

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    Am I Seductive?

        It is one of the most common insecurities of modern girls. They feel constantly jealous of other girls and crave for the attention of the opposite sex. It happens with males also. The point is that they have completely forgotten about the dynamics of relationships. Before getting into a relationship they need to […] More

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    Is Your Ideal Guy a Blond, Brunette, or Redhead?

        In today’s world we often fail to see the inner beauty of a person. We are constantly looking out for physical features when we are selecting our soulmate. It is true that biologically we are attracted to people with certain physical features but the problem is that it doesn’t lasts long and the […] More

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    Can We Guess When You Had Your First Kiss?

        It has been psychologically proven that the first and the last things are often the most remembered ones. The same goes for the first kiss. We tend to remember our first kiss in such extreme detail because it gives rise to a host of intense feelings. There are a few tips that can […] More

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