A Student At Hogwarts Trivia Quiz

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    You are willing to work hard, have a lot of brains and talent, you’re fair and a little introverted. You are a pureblood, not a muggle-born, so you already know a lot about Hogwarts, and you can guess which house you’ll be in:

    • Gryffindor
    • Slytherin
    • Hufflepuff
    • Ravenclaw
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    The Sorting Hat has done its job and has sorted you into the house you fit in the most. It’s the one you already guessed – the house which prefers hard-working, intelligent students. Who is Head of this house?

    • Professor Snape
    • Professor McGonagall
    • Professor Flitwick
    • Professor Sprout
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    After the meal, the Prefect of your house takes you to your common room. On the way, you notice a painting of a rather small knight who falls off the back of his pony while you watch him. Immediately, he jumps to his feet and tries to climb the back of the pony again, but he fails. Who is this funny knight?

    • Sir Patrick
    • Sir Nicholas
    • Sir Cadogan
    • Sir Roderick
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    You have slept well, but in the morning, there’s a terrible noise outside which awakens you: A loud bang, a crackle, and a girl’s voice: ‘Uggh, Hagrid, these creatures are SO disgusting!’ What’s going on there?

    • Someone stepped on a Flubberworm
    • The Whomping Willow has crushed someone’s wand
    • The Blast-Ended Skrewts have been set loose
    • Norbert the Dragon has returned and set something on fire
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    This is getting serious… Your first lesson is Potions. This dark-haired teacher, Professor Snape, looks at you without the slightest touch of kindness and asks you where you can find a Bezoar. Your answer?

    • ‘Between the front paws of a Sphinx.’
    • ‘In a Dragon’s throat.’
    • ‘In a goat’s stomach.’
    • ‘On top of a Unicorn’s horn.’
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    After the lesson, you meet this blonde fourth year student from Slytherin. He approaches you, stretching out a hand, saying ‘I’m Draco Malfoy. If you need some help in finding the right friends, I can offer you a deal…’ What do you answer him? (Remember you’re in the house which prefers hard-working, intelligent students)

    • ‘You must have got lost in the corridors. I am a Ravenclaw.’
    • ‘I’d rather stick to the other Hufflepuffs.’
    • ‘Sure, Draco! Thanks a lot!’
    • ‘Get lost, Malfoy!’
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    After having gotten rid of Malfoy, you hear a by-passing student compare someone to ‘Lockhart’. You ask this red-haired fourth year student from Gryffindor, Ron Weasley, who Lockhart is. Ron’s reply: (Think thoroughly about Ron’s character and his opinion about Lockhart before you answer)

    • A werewolf
    • ‘A teacher who left. Too bad, he was quite cool.’
    • ‘I dunno.’
    • ‘Uhm… nevermind. You don’t WANNA know that!’
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    You have passed your first day, and you got along very well. In the evening, a fellow student, Stewart Ackerley, asks you if you know the name of this extremely pretty girl who sits opposite you. You remember her name as being Cho, and you also know that she’s a skillful Quidditch player. You tell Stewart so, and you add that she’s playing in your house team as a…

    • Beater
    • Chaser
    • Seeker
    • Keeper
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    A fellow student (from Gryffindor), Dennis Creevey, sits next to you in Transfiguration. While Professor McGonagall explains why turning pigeons into miniature gargoyles is way too difficult for first year students, Dennis keeps telling you lots of things – no matter if you want to listen or not. What ‘big sensation’ about his arrival in Hogwarts does Dennis talk of… over and over again?

    • He got lost in the forbidden forest and was led back by a Centaur called Firenze
    • He was nearly killed by the Whomping Willow
    • He stepped right through Nearly Headless Nick on his way to the Great Hall
    • He fell in the lake and was rescued by the giant squid
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    Of all your subjects, you like Potions and Astronomy the least. But unlike Snape, the Professor who teaches Astronomy is kind and fair. What’s her name again?

    • Professor Vector
    • Professor Grubbly-Plank
    • Professor Kettleburn
    • Professor Sinistra
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    You get into trouble with a student from Slytherin who threatens to put the Stunning Spell on you. You don’t believe him – but just to be cautious, you ask your friend Stewart to learn how to remove the spell. By which spell is that done?

    • Obliviate
    • Rennervate
    • Rictusempra
    • Serpensortia
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    Whoa, how time flies! Christmas is near, and you know that the older students go to the Yule Ball. You’re sad, because your favorite band’s playing there – and you can’t go! What is the name of the band?

    • The Witches of Westwick
    • The Weird Sisters
    • Wicca and the Banshees
    • The Band With Wands Within
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    You have a lot of homework to do, so you spend hours in the library. While browsing books about the anatomy of Ogres, you can overhear two Gryffindor students who look desperately for something that will help their friend Harry complete the second task. What kind of information do they need?

    • ways to survive under water
    • ways to get through a tricky labyrinth
    • ways to defeat a furious dragon
    • a spell to turn Pumpkin Juice into Butter Beer
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    Do they [Ron and Hermione] find what they are looking for – something that will help Harry to complete the second task?

    • Yes
    • No
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    A nasty reporter causes a lot of a fuss by writing some intriguing things about Hagrid. You like Hagrid, and you can’t believe that he’s a half-…

    • giant
    • dwarf
    • troll
    • ogre
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    Fortunately, Hagrid doesn’t leave Hogwarts. The third task is approaching, but you have a lot to do for school because of your exams. One evening in your common room, you talk to some fifth year students, and they tell you that you should be lucky – they hardly get all the news because they study every minute for their…

    • S.O.S.’s
    • O.W.L.’s
    • U.H.U.’s
    • L.B.J.’s
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    The third task has ended in a real tragedy: One champion dead, two champions disqualified – and Harry Potter is apparently out of his mind. You and Stewart join the crowd who gathers around him, and you can’t believe what you hear… Harry Potter talks about…

    • Moody not being what he seems
    • Voldemort having returned
    • Sirius Black being a good guy
    • Hagrid setting off for a secret mission

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