Which Harry Potter Man is Your Match?


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    Which of these approaches would you try to make him notice you?

    • Make a statement that matches his opinion on some subject to start a conversation
    • Make a small gesture, like offer to pour him some juice, coffee or tea
    • Smile and give him a long look in the hallway
    • Sit next to him in class and just say hello
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    So, how would he express his feelings for you?

    • He would make sure his friends are also mine, do regular stuff together with me and sometimes have a special moment just for us
    • Ask me to sit next to him in class in the Great Hall, talking about daily things, showing everyone that I belong to him
    • He would be very considerate, and would introduce me to his friends. We would take walks together and talk, or hang around in a bigger group where he’d always stay near me
    • He would make me his best friend and always show he is happy to see me. He would endeavor to spend a lot of time with me, just talking about everything and walking together, just the two of us
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    Which of these romantic things would he most likely say to you?

    • “You look breathtakingly stunning!”
    • “You are the most amazing and beautiful person I’ve ever met.”
    • “You make the rest of the world disappear”
    • “Even diamonds don’t shine as brightly and beautifully as your eyes do”
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    What would he want as far as house, kids, pets and garden?

    • He would like to live in a suburb, in a nice house with a little yard, near everything but still quite safe, with one to three children and a dog
    • He would like to be located somewhere calm with few neighbors and a beautiful garden. He would want maybe one or two kids and to give me and them the best
    • He would want to live in a small town in a comfortable house with a garden and would like to have one child
    • He would want a place in the countryside with a cute little garden, and maybe some kids and some kind of a pet
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    How would he pop the question?

    • He would take me out to eat and dance. Then, in a very surprising and cute moment, he would drop to one knee and ask me to be his wife
    • He would do it very personally, somewhere natural and beautiful – maybe by a lake or the sea. After a very touching speech, he’d hold my hands and shyly pop the question
    • He would do it in some place special to us, probably outdoors on a picnic, after a nice conversation about our future life together. I’d be in his arms and then he would show me the ring box and ask me to marry him
    • After an intimate dinner in a romantic restaurant, with champagne and classical music, he’d have the ring hidden in a chocolate cake or something very sweet and precisely planned and ask me to be his wife
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    In his free time, where is he most likely to be found?

    • Wandering around Hogwarts, thinking and daydreaming
    • Somewhere cozy like the common room, hanging with his friends
    • With the fellows in some cool place
    • In the common room either with his friends or by himself
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    What do you think he might eat for breakfast?

    • Just toast and pumpkin juice
    • Porridge and tea
    • Eggs, bacon and toast with coffee
    • Toast with tomato, cucumber and cheese; coffee and pumpkin juice
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    What does he do to his hair in the morning?

    • Combs it
    • Nothing – it’s fine, whatever
    • Nothing
    • Combs it in a big hurry
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    What facial expression does he wear most often?

    • Thoughtful, unfaltering
    • Merry, relaxed, wild
    • Harmonic and rested, maybe with little specs resting on his nose
    • Otherworldly, calm, content
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    What is his fashion style?

    • Stateless, simple and easy
    • Plain and comfortable
    • Fitted, simple and good-looking
    • Neat and sterling

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