Am I A Good Girlfriend?

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    When your guy wants to go hang out with his friends, how do you feel?

    • I don’t mind. I trust him
    • I think, ‘OMG! I can’t believe he’s hanging out with his friends when he could be hanging out with me!’
    • I tell him I will be there to check on him
    • I call him every 10 minutes to check up on him
    • I’m scared he will do something bad, although he never gave me a reason to think he would
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    You and your guy are hanging out. You want to go to the movies and he wants to go to a party. How do you handle this?

    • I agree to go to the party for a little while and see if I have a good time
    • I whine until he agrees to go to the movies
    • I yell at him and tell him that I wanted it to just be him and me tonight
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    When he’s upset, do you comfort him?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • No
    • I tell him to quit acting like a girl
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    Have you ever cheated on him?

    • No, and I never would
    • Yes
    • Once, but it was a mistake
    • All the time
    • I’m not married. I can do what I want
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    Your boyfriend told you he would be at your house to pick you up at 3 but doesn’t show up until 5. What do you do?

    • I tell him it’s OK, but to be on time next time
    • I cuss him out and tell him to leave
    • I act mad all night
    • We fight about it
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    You’re feeling lazy today. He needs help cleaning out his car and asks you to help him. What do you do?

    • I help him. I’ll do anything for him
    • I tell him I will be out in a minute but never come out
    • I tell him he can do it himself. It’s his car
    • I say I have to do something else
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    Do you get mad when he wants to do something without you?

    • No. I understand he needs to hang out with his friends sometimes
    • I instantly get mad. I want to go everywhere he does
    • I tell him to go, but I’m really mad
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    He’s hungry. He wants you to cook him something. Do you?

    • Of course!
    • No, he knows how to work a stove
    • Sometimes. It depends on the mood I’m in
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    Do you compliment him and make him feel good about himself?

    • All the time
    • Sometimes
    • Just when I think he looks extra good
    • Not really
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    On a scale of one to 10 (1 being the lowest) how much do you care about him?

    • 10
    • 5-9
    • 2-4
    • 1
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    Would you trust them with the password to your phone?

    • I expect them to have it memorized.
    • Sure, if we’ve been together for a while.
    • Not under any circumstances.
    • If they are trustworthy.
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    Did you hesitate to agree to be exclusive?

    • No! We must merge like one person in two bodies.
    • Of course, what else is the point of being in a relationship?
    • Yes, I think maybe I could do better.
    • No, because that isn’t in line with my values.
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    Who initiates most of your calls?

    • I do! I call exactly 47 times a day.
    • We both do out parts.
    • My partner does, always.
    • It depends on what’s going on in our lives at the time.
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    If you were going away for a while, would you let them stay in your place?

    • I would demand that they do!
    • Sure, if they keep it clean.
    • No way.
    • Only if they learn to cook.
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    Have you ever made each other laugh without even speaking, perhaps just by looking at each other intently or doing silly faces?

    • My partner makes me laugh like that, and they politely pretend I do!
    • We do, frequently.
    • Rarely.
    • A lot of the time.
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    How often can you order for them in a restaurant and be sure you will pick something they’ll like?

    • Not all the time, but I always try.
    • Most of the time.
    • Not often.
    • Almost all the time, though they sometimes don’t realize they like it until they’ve tried it.
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    How many nicknames do you have for them?

    • One, and it’s very sweet!
    • More than we can count, each for a special occasion.
    • None. Nicknames are silly.
    • A few, none of them are embarrassing.
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    Do you often know what they are thinking without them telling you?

    • I always think I do, but I don’t always know.
    • I usually know.
    • I neither know nor care.
    • I can often sort it out, and I try to be helpful.
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    If they asked you for the truth about whether they had gained weight, and they had, would you give it?

    • I should hope so!
    • If there is trust, I would expect it.
    • No, and I probably wouldn’t bother asking.
    • Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if they want to lose weight, I’ll be supportive.
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    What’s the longest you can go without speaking?

    • Twenty six minutes.
    • Sixteen hours or so.
    • Weeks.
    • A day or so.

Am I A Good Girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend?