[10 QUESTIONS] Am I a Shadowhunter or Downworlder quiz?

  • Question of

    You see a vampire on the loose,what do you do?

    • Duh! Kill it with a seraph blade!
    • Let it go, It’s not worth it.
    • Go talk to it, it may be friendly!
    • Save it for later.
    • Are you kiding me? Are you just seeing things?
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    If you were bitten by a demon, what would you do?

    • Go to the high warlock of New York, Magnus Bane.
    • Don’t care about it.
    • Say goodbye to your life.
    • Try and heal yourself with a stele.
    • What is a stele?
  • Question of

    A greater demon named Abbadon comes to your neighbors house, while you are inside, what do you do?

    • Take a Seraph Blade on his head.
    • Leave Him Alone.
    • What could you possibly do?
    • Get a mundane to help you.
    • Say goodbye to your life.
  • Question of

    Are you more impulsive or do you tend to play by the rules?

    • Impulsive
    • Play by the rules
  • Question of

    What skills are a priority to you?

    • Social Skills
    • Menal Skills
    • Physical skills
    • Problem solving skills
  • Question of

    Are you good or bad at keeping secrets?

    • I’m bad at keeping secrets
    • I’m good at keeping secrets
  • Question of

    Are you a physically active person or do you tend to hang around the house?

    • Active
    • Catch me at home
  • Question of

    When does your brain feel the most active?

    • Afternoon
    • Evening
    • Early morning
  • Question of

    Which best describes your personality?

    • Emotional
    • Hard-working
    • Impulsive
    • Mischievous
  • Question of

    Do you see yourself as a leader or do you prefer to follow and offer your opinion?

    • I’m a natural leader
    • I’m not a leader

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