Are You Attractive To Girls? (Girls Only)


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    What kind of pants do you wear most?

    • Baggy jeans
    • Printed or checkered pants
    • Husky (large size) pants
    • Tight jeans
    • Skinny jeans
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    What kind of tops do you wear most?

    • Checkered/plain shirts
    • T-shirts with wild designs
    • Sports jerseys
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    Which of these accessories do you wear most?

    • IPod
    • Caps
    • B-boy hats
    • Earrings/necklaces
    • Bling-bling
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    Which of these is a hobby of yours? Pick the one you do most.

    • Reading
    • Riding vehicles (skateboard, bicycle, etc.)
    • Studying
    • Sports
    • Computer games
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    Which of these types of music do you listen to most?

    • R&B/Rap
    • Pop/Rock
    • I don’t really listen to music
    • Oldies/Country
    • Punk/Metal
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    Which place would you prefer to go on a first date?

    • Dance/concert
    • Movies
    • A walk
    • Restaurant
    • Library
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    Which kind of movie would you most like to see on a date?

    • Adventure/fantasy
    • Horror
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Action/thriller
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    What would you do after the date?

    • Walk her home
    • Try to have sex with her
    • Go out to eat
    • Kiss her and ask for another date
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    Which type of clothing would you wear on a date?

    • A suit
    • Casual (e.g., a T-shirt)
    • Casual (b-boy)
    • Polo shirt
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    Why do you think girls exist?

    • As mothers of mankind
    • For boys’ pleasure
    • To be boys’ superiors
    • As independent people with their own desires, goals and dreams
    • To be boys’ tools

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