Are You Beautiful? (Girls Only)


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    What’s the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?

    • My flaws
    • My perfect face
    • Just me 🙂
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    How much makeup do you usually wear?

    • None
    • A little
    • Lots of foundation and mascara
    • A little of everything. I like to glam myself up
    • Lots of everything so I feel beautiful
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    What type of swimsuit do you wear?

    • The cutest bikini I can find
    • Board shorts and a t-shirt
    • A one-piece
    • I don’t go swimming
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    How often do people call you beautiful?

    • I don’t know
    • All the time
    • Sometimes
    • Fairly often
    • Never
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    What kind of clothes do you usually wear?

    • Jeans and a t-shirt
    • The latest styles
    • Whatever is comfortable
    • I have my own unique style
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    When you talk to guys, you…

    • …flirt, and use your beauty and charm
    • …just act natural. Why be fake?
    • I don’t talk to guys
    • …try to flirt, but end up embarrassing yourself
    • I’m really shy, so I try not to ever talk to them
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    What do you think others think of you?

    • That I’m nice, smart and quiet
    • That I’m popular
    • That I’m funny and outgoing
    • That I’m athletic
    • I don’t really know…
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    When boys talk to you, it’s usually to:

    • Ask questions about homework
    • Hit on me — the jerks!
    • Joke around. I’m just one of the guys to them
    • They don’t talk to me
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    Do YOU think you are beautiful?

    • Idk…that’s why I’m taking this quiz!
    • Yeah….I just want to know what KIND of beautiful I am
    • Kind of…
    • I don’t care, I’m myself and that’s all that matters
    • No
  • Question of

    A good night would be…

    • …studying for that really important test
    • …partying with friends (both girls and boys)
    • …just hanging out with friends and being silly
    • …just being at home alone with my cat

Are You pretty? (Girls Only)

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