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    Hair extensions or real hair?

    • Hair Extensions – all the way!
    • None – I’d rather have a scalp that isn’t bald.
    • Maybe A Few – just to enhance a hairstyle.
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    Fake nails or a cute manicure?

    • Cardiff Claws – I love 3 inch nails!
    • Manicure – nail glue destroys my nails, so no way.
    • Normal Fake Nails – I get bored of the naturals.
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    Foundation or Healthy glow?

    • My Natural Tone – I use a thin layer like most people.
    • Thick Layer – it covers my blemishes and gives me confidence
    • Light Dusting of Powder – an oily layer of paint doesn’t appeal to me.
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    Boobs out or in?

    • Boobs Out – how else do you think I get free drinks?
    • A Small Cleavage – what harm could it do?
    • Boobs In – I’d rather keep my modesty and dignity.
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    False lashes or lash curlers?

    • Understated Falsies and Mascara – just a tad of enhancement/
    • Curlers and Some Mascara – I love the natural look.
    • Falsies, Mascara and Curlers – the bigger the better.
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    Sun bed or sun cream?

    • Sun Cream – I’d like to avoid both cancer and wrinkles.
    • Sun Bed – I love that deep brown tan.
    • Sun tan and Cream – I like a subtle glow.
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    5 inch or 2 inch heels?

    • 6 INCH! – Please, that’s my minimum.
    • 4 Inch – Not too low, not too high, right?
    • 2 Inch – I like to keep the bones in my ankles in tact.
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    Bleach Blond or Subtle Brunette?

    • Subtle Brunette – why be Barbie when you can be you?
    • Golden Blond – Not too fake, I hope!
    • Bleach Blond – hot and dangerous!
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    Pout or Smile?

    • Pout – that’s what the boys want, please.
    • Smile – I’d rather not look like a fish!
    • Pout Smile – best of both worlds!
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    Tight skirt or modest jeans?

    • Skinny Jeans – looking hot, but not too hot, you know?
    • Jeans – the prostitute image isn’t one I’m after.
    • Tight skirt – that will give the boys some eye candy!
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    Glasses or Contact Lenses?

    • Contact Lenses – I wanna look good without breaking anything.
    • Neither – I can’t let my reputation be ruined by my eyesight.
    • Glasses – I’m not ashamed of my body, I am who I am.
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    Bikini or Swimsuit?

    • Swimsuit – bikinis are waterproof underwear, no thanks.
    • One-Piece-Bikini – it’s a bikini and a swimsuit at the same time.
    • Bikini – the more on show, the better.
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    Bra size C, DD, or G?

    • DD – makes the boys go *whit woo*
    • G – that is totally my dream size.
    • C – gravity will take it’s toll eventually. Ouch.
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    Black lace or full coverage lingerie?

    • Black Lace – the seductive duchess… Love it!
    • Full Coverage – I don’t think the lace will be much use to me.
    • Black Lace with a Backing – I like to look good, but not too forward.
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    And finally… Do YOU think you’re FAKE?

    • YEAH
    • NO WAY
    • A BIT

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