Are You Falling For Him?


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    “Never give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Be honest, did you just think about him?

    • Nah, I don’t think about him every day
    • Yeah, I did, right when I read it
    • Well, I hadn’t, but now that you mention it, it’s exactly like that
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    Your friends know his life story – even though they’re not friends with him, or don’t even know him.

    • Of course they do! I talk about him constantly – it’s like word vomit
    • Only my very close friends
    • I’m not a complete creeper – I don’t talk about him to people he doesn’t even know
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    You find yourself making excuses to see him.

    • No, I’ll see him if I see him. And when I do, it’s great. But I won’t go out of my way
    • YES! I “accidentally” bump into him wherever I know he is
    • Sometimes I do, but only sometimes. I don’t want to seem needy
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    Have you cried over him? For any reason?

    • Yeah, that jerk….I love him
    • He’s made me quite emotional, but never enough to bring tears to my eyes
    • No, no guy is worth that
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    Have you been through a lot together? Do you have memories and a friendship to fall back on?

    • We’re such good friends now…we talk all the time, and I don’t know what I’d do without him, even if we didn’t work out
    • No, he’s just so cute, and I really am hoping for something
    • We’re sort of friends, but it was really just a big chemistry thing
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    When you talk to him, you behave…

    • Differently than I usually do – nervous and constantly wonder how I look
    • No, we’re used to each other. I’m excited to see him, but don’t need to change anything to do so
    • I flirt – A LOT!
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    Does he notice you? Be honest!

    • He will. I’ll make sure of it
    • I don’t really know, but I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE so!
    • Yes, he gives me special treatment, talks to me, and always looks at me
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    The closest answer to how you think of him is…

    • He’s my other half, whether he knows it or not. I really think I’m falling
    • He’s nice, and sweet, and we’d be good together
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    What are your conversations like?

    • We joke, we laugh, we smile, we tease, and we both love it
    • We flirt all the time, and I know he thinks I’m hot
    • Comfortable – we can just chat without any pressure or nerves
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    Why aren’t you guys dating yet? Give your best guess.

    • He’s asked – I just don’t know if I’m totally into him yet. That’s why I’m taking this quiz
    • It’s a long, complicated story. But I’m willing to wait
    • Well, we just met – give it time!

Are you over him, yet?

Are you still in love with you ex? Or are you over him?