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    Have you ever kissed a girl?

    • Oh yes, I have.
    • I haven’t kissed anyone yet / I’ve thought about it.
    • No, never.
    • Yes.
    • I could kiss anyone – what matters is their personality & how well we get along.
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    Have you ever kissed a boy?

    • Only ones with wonderful personalities.
    • No / Yes, but I didn’t like it much.
    • Of course!
    • Yes.
    • I haven’t kissed anyone yet / I’ve thought about it.
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    If a girl (someone you know fairly well) began flirting with you, you would…

    • …stop her right there – I’m not really into girls, I think.
    • …try to slip away as quickly as possible if I didn’t like her.
    • …definitely flirt back.
    • …flirt back, if I’m interested enough.
    • Seems we are in agreement. If I’m interested.
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    What if the same girl asked you out?

    • Nothing more to say – I already told her I’m not into girls.
    • I’d say yes – I’m currently single and all for it!
    • Outside: “Ummmm.” Inside: *freaking out*
    • If she’s a nice person, I’d say yes.
    • I’d say yes; she seems likable / I’d say no because I’m not that interested.
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    Assuming you said yes on that fateful day: You and Ashley (the girl) have since gone on three dates and have seen each other around town numerous times. You really like each other. How far have you gone / are you willing to go?

    • -_-, I’m not even there.
    • Just a smattering of kisses like sprinkles on ice cream, please.
    • Making out.
    • Whatever I feel like.
    • All the way.
  • Question of

    And if Ashley was Ash, a boy? How far would you go then?

    • I’m out of here.
    • All the way.
    • Making out.
    • Whatever I feel like.
    • I don’t know…
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    Have you been / are you attracted to or crushing on a boy or girl (friend, acquaintance, classmate, someone passing by)?

    • Just boys. I admire some girls, though.
    • I’ve never had a crush.
    • Yes, both boys and girls.
    • YES! Girls only.
    • I’ve thought some people were cool, but I care more about whether they are nice AND we mesh well.
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    When you see a homosexual (single or couple) who are open and out there, what do you think / feel?

    • That’s cool, keep doing what you’re doing.
    • That’s cool, keep doing what you’re doing / I never really thought about it.
    • I am them, and see me & my girlfriend together, not caring whether or not you like it.
    • I am them, although sometimes I date boys.
    • Not my style, but glad they’re happy.
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    Could you imagine a relationship with a girl?

    • Absolutely! No reason why not.
    • I don’t think so.
    • I’m not sure. Not really…
    • Yes, as soon as I feel comfortable with it.
    • I guess so. Depends on the girl.
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    Could you be with a transgender person?

    • Yes, no problem there!
    • A transgender girl? Maybe.
    • No, that’s not working for me.
    • I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.
    • Maybe…maybe it makes things easier.

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