Are You Passive Aggressive? This Personality Quiz Will Tell!


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    If someone is leaning back their seat at the movie theater, what do you do?

    • Kick it until the get the message
    • Yell at them
    • Quietly tap them on the shoulder and ask them to stop
    • Change seats and make a scene
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    If someone asks me a favour (I’m Canadian) that I don’t want to do I say yes

    • Never
    • Sometimes
    • Often
    • Always
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    What do you do if a family member/roommate/coworker/classmate starts eating your food?

    • Eat all their food
    • Label your food
    • Yell at them
    • Lick all the food
    • Calmly work it out amongst yourselves
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    Your Neighbours (again Canadian) are using your WiFi instead of buying their own, what do you do?

    • Cancel the WiFi plan
    • Call your WiFi provider company
    • Let it go Maybe they’re financially unstable and need help
    • Change the password
    • Change network name to “this is my WiFi, begone!”
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    You have the luxury of sitting near a Tommy Texter at the Movies, what do you do?

    • Get your phone and point the flashlight at their eyes
    • Secretly wish I’ll upon them
    • Yell “DO YOU MIND?” Mid movie playing
    • Quietly ask them to stop
    • Throw popcorn at them
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    You asked your partner to do the dishes, and they have not done so for a full week, what do you do?

    • Just do the dishes, no fuss
    • Yell at them
    • Dramatically eat your morning cereal out of the box because there are no more bowls
  • Question of

    What’s your finally phrase in an argument?

    • Okay, you were right, I’m sorry
    • Yeah sure, what ever your say honey
    • Mhmm whatever, I’m right anyways
    • Fine. Just fine.
  • Question of

    What do you do if you feel someone is taking advantage of you?

    • Start taking advantage of them
    • Confront them about it
    • Swallow up your feelings
  • Question of

    Your neighbors are throwing a VERY LOUD party on a week day, what do you do?

    • Call the police on them
    • Ring on their doorbell and politely ask if they can quiet down a bit
    • Leave mean anonymous notes on their doorstep/mailbox
    • Blast the national anthem the next day until 4 am
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    Did you like this quiz? (Won’t change the final score)

    • I don’t care, to be honest
    • Yeah it was pretty okay
    • No it was terrible

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