Are You pretty? (Girls Only)


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    What would most people say about you?

    • Some say i’m ugly, some say i’m pretty.
    • I don’t care about others opinions, I think i’m awesome.
    • People have never said anything.
    • They say i’m pretty/cute.
    • They call me ugly.
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    What color is your eyes?

    • Green
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Hazel
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    What color is your hair?

    • Other/Dyed
    • Brown
    • Black
    • Red
    • Blond
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    What is your body like?

    • My body is toned/fit
    • I’m curvy, got that booty.
    • Not going to lie, i’m pretty fat/chubby
    • Just skinny.
    • I’m Thick, not chubby, just beautiful.
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    Have you ever been asked out?

    • Once, but it super serious.
    • A lot…
    • A few times.
    • Like once/twice.
    • Uhhh, never.
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    What’s your hair like?

    • Boy-short hair!
    • My hairs like greasy and gross. not gonna lie.
    • Long flowing hair.
    • Medium/Bob.
    • I’m bald.
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    What’s your style?

    • Whatever looks good on me that day.
    • Cheapest thing I can find.
    • Dresses, skirts, stuff like that.
    • Doesn’t matter, as long as i’m comfortable.
    • Emo clothes, band shirts, ripped jeans.
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    Finally, do you think you’re pretty?

    • I’m okay.
    • I’m way hotter than everyone.
    • I’m pretty cute!
    • Yes, I love myself!
    • Nah, i’m ugly.
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    Do you have any dental problems?

    • No, my teeth are perfect!
    • Not very straight.
    • Teeth Crowding.
    • I have one/a few cavities.
    • I missing one/a few.
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    Do you wear makeup?

    • I only wear a little. (Lipstick/Mascara)
    • I mean, only for like special occasions.
    • I don’t wear makeup.
    • No, I look fine without it.
    • I wear everything! (Lipstick, Mascara, Foundation, etc.)

Are You Attractive To Girls? (Girls Only)

Are You Beautiful? (Girls Only)