Am I The Jealous Type? (In Relationships)

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    If your boyfriend/girlfriend took a selfie with another girl/boy and you saw it, you would:

    • Yell at him or her and stay mad for days
    • Frown at the picture and ask him/her about it
    • Get a little upset, but keep it to myself
    • Not worry about it – there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures!
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    If a random girl/boy came up to your partner and told him or her that their friend thinks they’re cute, you would:

    • Say, ‘Oh, really? Yeah, I think my boyfriend/girlfriend is cute, too!’
    • Frown at the person who thinks my partner is cute and grab my partner’s hand
    • Get a little mad at how shameless this person is, but ignore him or her
    • Not worry about it – girls/boys hitting on my partner is totally normal!
    • Approach the random girl’s/boy’s friend and tell him or her not to mess with my partner
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    You notice your partner staring at another girl/boy for a little too long. You immediately:

    • Scorn them and get mad for a couple of days
    • Not worry about it – my partner still loves me
    • Say, ‘Yeah, just keep staring like I’m not here!’
    • Get a little mad – but I look at other people, too, so….
    • Ask them about it and say, ‘You should ask them for their number already!’
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    Say that you and your partner are walking. All of a sudden, a car honks at him or her. You would:

    • Get a little mad at the person for being so shameless
    • Yell, ‘Yeah, she’s/he’s hot, huh?’
    • Flick the hell out of the person and cuss them out
    • Ignore the car and keep walking with my partner
    • Yell, ‘Go f— yourself!’ at the person
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    Your partner hasn’t talked to you in three days. You see him/her online on Facebook, but he/she isn’t messaging you. You immediately:

    • Thinks she’s/he’s messaging with another person
    • Decide not to message him/her because I want to keep my pride intact
    • Message him/her, saying, ‘Are we even in a relationship anymore?’
    • Message him/her and say, ‘What’s up, babe? Have you been messing around with someone else?’
    • I don’t do anything. My partner and I haven’t talked for much longer than that before
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    Your partner is wearing really attention-grabbing attire lately. People from the opposite gender start noticing him/her more. You immediately:

    • Tell my partner to cover themselves and stop being a whore
    • Ignore those people – your partner looks decent and they are just jerks
    • Get a little mad about all the attention your partner is getting, but keep it to myself
    • Do nothing. My partner loves the attention, after all!
    • Give my partner my sweater and tell them, ‘You must be cold’
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    You see you partner talking to another girl/guy. You immediately:

    • Be nice to the person and become great friends because then I won’t worry at all!
    • Walk away because I don’t want to be in an awkward situation
    • Go up to the person and introduce myself as my partner’s girlfriend/boyfriend
    • Walk away – my partner is being a whore, and I want to end our relationship
    • Ask my partner about it later, but not really get worried about it
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    You and your partner are at a party. Someone asks your partner if they want to dance. You immediately:

    • Tell my partner it’s all right, and to have fun – but not TOO much fun
    • Tell my partner it’s all right, but inside, I’m wanting to kill that person
    • Tell my partner it’s fine because I am confident
    • Tell my partner to stop being a whore, and that no, they may not dance with that person
    • Tell my partner they MAY NOT dance with that person!
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    Your partner goes out to eat with his/her ‘homosexual’ friend (who’s the opposite gender of him or her). You immediately:

    • Yell at my partner, ‘Gay? Sure – that’s your f— buddy!’
    • Get a little mad because it sounds like a date, but keep it to myself
    • Tell my partner, ‘That person better not be straight!’
    • Tell my partner it’s OK – they are homosexual, so it doesn’t matter
    • I am confident in my partner and believe them when they tell me the person is homosexual
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    Your partner is very attractive and self-confident. When she/he puts a somewhat provocative picture on Facebook and people start commenting shameless things, you immediately:

    • Tell him to remove it and to stop being a skank/manwhore
    • Get mad at all the attention my partner is getting and think to myself, ‘What a whore!’
    • Post a comment that says, ‘You sexy babe!’
    • Get a little mad because my partner deserves more respect
    • Talk to my partner about it and tell him/her to have more self-respect
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    What is your age?

    • Under 18 Years Old
    • 18 to 24 Years Old
    • 25 to 30 Years Old
    • 31 to 40 Years Old
    • 41 to 50 Years Old
    • 51 to 60 Years Old
    • Over 60 Years Old
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    What is your gender?

    • Male
    • Female
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    Your boyfriend hasn’t talked to you all day…

    • Check up on him once or twice to see if he’s good
    • That’s fine, he was probably busy
    • Try to start a conversation with him, try to make it drag on for as long as I can! What could he possibly be doing where he doesn’t want to talk to me?
    • It means he doesn’t enjoy talking to me and that I’m annoying.. I better leave him be
    • I get nervous but I talk to a friend about it until he talks to me
    • I show up at his house. Angry.
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    You find out that he was mostly busy today because he was hanging out with a friend

    • ‘a friend’? yeah no, that means he’s cheating.
    • Oh, good for him!
    • Oh.. I don’t want to ruin his day then.. I’ll leave him alone
    • I tell him I’m happy for him, but it makes me feel sad inside that he wouldn’t even check up on me
    • Call him and ask if I can tag along next time!!
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    He begins to talk about this friend more and more often, beginning to text this friend while you two hang out?

    • I tell him that it makes me feel insecure, and that I’d appreciate it if when we hang out we could focus more on each other
    • I’m fine with it, I’ll talk about my friends too then
    • I get angry at him. Why would he talk about how great some one else is in front of me. Is he trying to break my heart?
    • I stop talking for the rest of the time we hang out, and I mostly just keep to myself
    • I let him text his friend while I rant about it to my friends…
    • I take his phone and look through it, then I put it down and on a counter so we can spend time together
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    New Scenario: Your boyfriend seems distant.

    • It’s probably because he’s interested in someone else
    • Continue to text and call him to see what’s wrong.. if he doesn’t tell me, it means he doesn’t care
    • Show up at his house.
    • Call him and plan a date with him, maybe hang out for a bit and find out if he’s okay
    • distant back
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    How do you overcome your jealousy

    • I ignore it until it goes away
    • I tell my partner how I feel and maybe ask for some advice, take some time for myself to find the inner problem
    • I rely on my partner for attention so that I feel less jealous
    • I usually have to have a fight so that I can get everything off my mind
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    Would you consider yourself jealous?

    • some say jealous, but I think I’m perfectly reasonable
    • Yes
    • No. I never get jealous, I just get more clingy.
    • No. I never get jealous, I just get more distant.
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    Do you trust your boyfriend?

    • Mostly..
    • I trust him! I just don’t trust other girls!
    • I’m not sure.. he hasn’t really proven himself faithful
    • I think I do
    • Yup, I do!
    • No..
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    If your boyfriend treated you the same you treated him, would you be happy?

    • I’d be even happier than I am now!
    • He does, and it’s great!
    • Oh… probably not
    • Well I don’t go around ignoring him and hanging with sleezy people so..
    • No..

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