Answer 8 Questions And We’ll Give You Permission To Do One Bad Thing

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    What do you do if you find a $20 bill on the ground?

    • Pocket it.
    • Look around for someone who may have dropped it.
    • Give it to someone who is homeless.
    • Is there a $20 bill on the ground!?
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    Which of these villains do you think isn’t quite as evil as they seem?

    • The Joker
    • The West’s Wicked Witch
    • Voldemort
    • Maleficent
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    What about these villains from cartoons?

    • Scar
    • Ursula
    • Mr. Burns
    • Plankton
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    What would be the most severe penalty:

    • a ten-year sentence in prison
    • For the past two decades, I have been unable to leave my home.
    • Having to wear a ‘idiot’ sign on my forehead for the rest of my life
    • Being unable to communicate with others for the rest of my life
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    Will you consider yourself to be more good or bad?

    • More good
    • More bad
    • Right in the middle.
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    Which of the above do you think is the worst thing you could do to a stranger?

    • Steal their phone
    • Butt in front of them in line
    • Insult their appearance
    • Put a mental curse on them
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    Do you follow a religion?

    • Christianity/Catholicism
    • Judaism
    • Buddism
    • Agnosticism
    • Atheism
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    Which of the following are things you will never do?

    • Tell a lie to my mother
    • Take something from a supermarket
    • Examine the possibility of cheating on an exam.
    • Any of the preceding

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