Answer These Morality Questions and We’ll Guess How God Is Testing You

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    If you really wanted to know what was inside, would you open your partner’s mail?

    • My partner wouldn’t mind.
    • I would never do that!
    • I would ask my partner first.
    • I might open it and reseal it.
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    Do you believe that it’s right or wrong to sample the grapes while you shop?

    • It’s stealing!
    • I think it’s simply testing out the merchandise.
    • It’s not right, but other things are worse.
    • I prefer to try the free samples.
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    Your best friend’s partner might be cheating, but you’re not sure. Do you say something?

    • It’s not really my business.
    • I would have to say something.
    • I need proof before I say anything.
    • I am more likely to confront the partner.
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    There’s a wallet on the sidewalk in front of you. What do you do?

    • I think I’ll leave it alone.
    • There might be a name in it. I have to look.
    • I would check it for cash.
    • If It were mine, I would want someone to turn it in. I’ll do that.
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    You notice that one of your coworkers never has lunch. What do you do about it?

    • Maybe they are on a diet.
    • I’m sure I would make an extra.
    • I would ask them out for lunch — my treat.
    • I try to stay out of other people’s problems.
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    If you saw someone shoplifting, would you alert security?

    • I would let the cashier know.
    • They might be dangerous. I’ll just leave.
    • I’m totally telling security.
    • Knowing me, I would speak up.
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    You’ve found your roommate’s journal. Are you going to read it?

    • I might take a little peek.
    • I am not the type to violate someone’s privacy like that.
    • There are a few things I would like to know.
    • I would put it back in their room and let them know.
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    The person behind you in line only has one item. Do you let them go before you?

    • They can wait like everyone else.
    • Sure!
    • If it’s an elderly person, I would let them go first.
    • It depends how many items I have.
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    Your friend made dinner for you, but you don’t like it. Do you eat it anyway?

    • I would be honest and say I don’t like it.
    • I’m sure I would eat a few bites and say I’m full.
    • I would scarf it down as quickly as I can.
    • My friend’s dog will eat anything.
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    If it meant protecting a loved one, would you break the law?

    • Some laws are meant to be broken.
    • I do my best to avoid breaking laws.
    • I would do anything necessary to protect my loved ones.
    • I might break a small law but nothing major.
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    Do you think it’s OK to tell a small lie to protect someone’s feelings?

    • Everyone tells little white lies.
    • I never lie.
    • I would rather avoid the subject than tell a lie.
    • There are worse things you can do than lie to protect someone’s feelings.
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    You saw someone take money out of the offering plate. How do you handle it?

    • I think I would talk to my pastor.
    • I would have to confront something like that.
    • Maybe they need it — I’ll keep quiet.
    • I’m sure I would start a collection for them.
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    When you go to your sibling’s house, do you help yourself to their refrigerator?

    • Of course I do!
    • I like to ask first.
    • No, but they help themselves to my food.
    • I wouldn’t dream of it.
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    If you saw someone being bullied, would you step in?

    • It depends how big the bullies are.
    • I would probably call the police.
    • I know I would say something.
    • No, but I would aid the person after the incident.
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    When you are in a relationship, do you believe it’s still OK to flirt?

    • I can’t help myself!
    • My partner would be crushed. I wouldn’t do it.
    • Flirting is harmless.
    • It’s not OK, but it happens.
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    Your boss gives you an order and you don’t agree with it. Do you see it out?

    • I would plead my case first.
    • An order is an order.
    • I would refuse.
    • If it’s not terrible, I’ll do it.

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