Are we meant to be

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    Has he ever said he wants to come to your house?

    • He has come to my house already
    • He did come to my house, but thats only because my brother is his best friend
    • He wants to come but he is not allowed
    • He came on my bus once though when he was going to this other guys house
    • Sometimes he asks what bus I go on
    • He never mentions the subject
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    Does you ever sit by each other in lessons?

    • I always sit my him and my bestie
    • I would but I’m too scared too
    • I want to but y friends make me sit by them
    • He usually sits in his gang
    • We have to go in the seats our teacher puts us in
    • He stays as far away from me as possible
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    Does your crush like you and does he want to go out with you too?

    • Yes I know for a fact he wants to go out with me
    • I am pretty sure he does
    • He has asked me out before but I was way to scared to say yes
    • He might do, he talks to me a lot
    • He has never said
    • No he hates me
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    How old is your crush compared to you?

    • We were both born on the same day
    • He is about 1-6 months older
    • He is younger, but only by about a month
    • He is younger than me by a lot
    • He is between 1-4 years older than me
    • He is over five years older than me
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    Has he ever told you stuff when there is no one else around?

    • He told me to go on Facebook
    • He waved at me when I was sat on the bus and he was on the floor
    • He has, but only stuff like asking what next lesson is
    • He told me he would go out with me if I asked him out first
    • He only talks to me when I am with my friends
    • He never speaks to me
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    Does he know everything about you?

    • Yep, everything from my fave food to my fave magazine
    • He knows who my friends are and my fave school subject and stuff like that
    • He might do, my friends might have told him
    • I don’t know
    • I really need to talk to him
    • Nope, he has never aked and he never lets me ask him
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    Out of these personalities, which of them do you and your crush both act like?

    • We are both crazy
    • We are both confident
    • We are both shy
    • We are both loud
    • We are both funny
    • We are both cute
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    This is the end of my quiz. How would you say goodbye if you were saying goodbye to your crush?

    • Bye then
    • See you tomorrow
    • See ya! *smile*
    • *Ignores*
    • *waves*
    • *runs away*
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    Are you together or have you and him been together?

    • Yes we are
    • No but I know he likes me
    • Yes in my dreams
    • Yes we have been together
    • No?
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    Has he given you a gift?

    • No just coca cola
    • No he is such an ass hole
    • Yes, a small one but cute
    • Well I imagine it
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    Has he tried to ask you out?

    • Yes several times
    • No
    • Yes I think we are dating
    • Yes always
    • Never he thinks I’m a freak
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    Do you like him?

    • Since kinder garden
    • I don’t know
    • A little bit
    • Yes I have a strong feeling for that person
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    Is he dating someone?

    • No I have the opportunity
    • Yes but that relationship is not working
    • I know that no because I’m his stalker
    • No I don’t know
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    Does he start the conversation?

    • Yes
    • Yes always kinda freaky
    • No I start it always
    • Sometimes
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    Why are you doing this quiz?

    • For fun, and I love you
    • I don’t know
    • Because I want to have sex with him
    • I just want to
    • Because I want to be with him
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    Has he touched you?

    • Yes
    • Just my hand
    • Sometimes, because I ask him to
    • No
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    Do you think you can make things work?

    • Yes
    • Yes we are dating
    • We are dating, in my dreams
    • No but yolo
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    Did you like the test?

    • I had fun
    • No
    • Yes
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    Does your crush ever come over to you, even when you are having a conversation with friends?

    • Yes, every day
    • Sometimes
    • No never
    • He always ignores me
    • He comes a lot – to complain
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    Does your crush ever ask you the same question like everyday?

    • He asks me this one thing over and over again
    • He does ask one thing about once a week
    • He asks me various things
    • He never asks me anything
    • He asks me stuff like when I will leave
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    So if he does ask you a question, what does he ask?

    • Something like ‘what bus do you go on?’
    • He asks me none of these
    • He never asks me anything except go away
    • Something like ‘are you ok?’
    • Something like ‘where are you going?’
    • Something like ‘wanna come round with us?’

Is he your Meant To Be?

Are you meant to be?