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    You’re in PE when someone purposely pushes you down, you:

    • Tell them off and hope it scares them.
    • Politely smile and go about your business.
    • Roll your eyes and walk away.
    • Scream and threaten them.
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    Your teacher leaves he room for a few minutes, you:

    • Chat with friends, you see no point in acting like a weirdo.
    • Jump on a desk and start dancing, hey you gotta enjoy the moment.
    • Pray that the class will be seated before the teacher comes, you don’t want to get in trouble just because of some birdbrains.
    • Run around the classroom while desperately hoping your teacher won’t arrive.
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    In a game of truth or dare you are the person who:

    • Pick a few dares and hope they’re not too bad.
    • Says all the truths. No way are you doing something dumb.
    • Stays in the middle, a bit of truths, a bit of dares.
    • Asks for all the dares, you gotta live life to the fullest.
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    You’re in the middle of a final test until a classmate asks your for an answer, you:

    • Be quick to give it to them, screw the rules.
    • Look around the room to make sure the teacher isn’t looking.
    • Quickly say the answer and get back to work discreetly.
    • Ignore them. You do not want to get caught.
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    You come into the school bathrooms and see toilet paper hanging around the walls and stalls, you:

    • Check every stall to see which one got the most destroyed.
    • Join in. It would make a cool haunted house.
    • Look around in disgust. Where are there manners?
    • Look around in awe.
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    You see an abandoned wall at your school and a few bottles of pain, you:

    • Immediately start drawing art on the walls.
    • Take the bottles of paint into the office.
    • Nothing.
    • Paint a few dots on the wall so it wouldn’t be noticeable.
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    You’re in the cafeteria and a food fight has begun, you:

    • Start grabbing broccoli and apples and throw it on random people.
    • Awkwardly watch and hope you stay clean.
    • Try to get out of there as fast as possible, you do not want to involved.
    • Toss a few pieces of food on some daydreaming individuals.
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    You’re on taking a test and stuck on a question, you:

    • Try to devise a sneaky plan.
    • Skip the question and come back to it later when you find a more suitable time to peek at your notes.
    • Call the teacher over.
    • Excuse yourself to the bathroom and hope to find relevant information.
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    You’re at a boring party when your friend asks if you want to ditch, you:

    • Think it over and see whether you’re going to be caught or nor.
    • Decline.
    • Strongly oppose. What will everyone think if they found out?
    • Quickly agree. This party is no fun at all.
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    Would you prank someone?

    • Depends.
    • Um, I don’t know..
    • Nope.
    • Heck yeah!

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