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    He drops his pen, you…

    • Ignore him, you can’t be bothered with it today
    • You laugh and call him clumsy
    • You flirtatiously pick the pen up and smile
    • You say nothing and just pick up the pen
  • Question of

    You walk in the room with a cute new outfit, he says ‘damn’ you…

    • Slap that boy, not today
    • Say ‘don’t you know it’
    • Say ‘back at you’
    • Shyly sit down
    • Tell him to eff of (jokingly)
  • Question of

    You’re sitting with your friends and he taps you on the head, you…

    • Turn around and say ‘don’t touch me’
    • Laugh
    • Flirt with him, it’s obviously a sign
    • Tense up and go red
  • Question of

    He sits in front of you in class, you…

    • Flirt with him the whole lesson, always have him turning round to talk to you
    • Ask him answer to question 4.b, what your ‘confused’
    • Have a light conversation with him
    • Don’t speak to him at all, this is lesson not a romantic dinner date
  • Question of

    Your at his place and as your watching TV he slides his hand on your leg, you…

    • Make an excuse to stand up
    • Hold his hand
    • Do nothing, how dare he interrupt riverdale
    • This is a sign, make your move
    • Jump away, you ain’t ready for this
  • Question of

    Your in gym and you are chosen to be partners, while stretching he calls you ‘cute’ You….

    • Say ‘cute, you think I’m effing cute’ rolling eyes
    • Say, ‘someone could say the same bout you.’
    • Awkwardly whisper thanks
    • Change partners
  • Question of

    He tells you to shut up, you…

    • Say ‘it’s cute how controlling you are’
    • Say eff no, and continue what you where saying
    • Ignore him and continue talking
    • Stop talking
  • Question of

    He is showing off and gets hurt, you…

    • Help him up making a flirty joke
    • Laugh at him
    • Say ‘well done’ jokingly
    • Walk away
    • Help him up
  • Question of

    You’re late to class and the seat next to him is the only free chair, halfway through the lesson he says a dumb joke, you both laugh and he puts his hand on yours, people around you notice and wolf whistle, you…

    • Quickly snatch your hand away, mortified
    • Stroke his hand and soak up the attention
    • Run off crying
    • Take your hand away and continue talking
  • Question of

    You go on his phone and find your name in his phone is crush with hearts, you…

    • Ask who ‘crush ‘ is
    • Make a flirty joke
    • Show him his name on your phone
    • Pretend you didn’t see it

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