Are you a good girlfriend?

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    Do you compliment him?

    • All the time
    • Sometimes
    • No
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    Do you cook when he is hungry?

    • Yes! wife material
    • I can’t even cook but I’d try
    • I can’t be bothered he can do it himself
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    Do you sometimes ring him out the blue?

    • No he rings me
    • Most of the time yeah
    • We both do
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    Do you pleasure him?

    • No he pleasures me
    • All the time
    • Not really, sometimes
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    Have you ever cheated?

    • Yes….
    • Never
    • Kind of…nothing physical just texting
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    Do you get on well with his parents?

    • Ive never met them
    • Yes very well
    • They don’t like me
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    Do you act the same when you speak to him while out with your friends?

    • Yes, why would I need to act any different
    • No
    • Not when I’ve had a drink
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    Do you show him off online?

    • Yes all the time
    • Sometimes
    • No
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    Do you tell him that you love him?

    • Most of the time
    • Maybe sometimes
    • Not really
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    Last one, Do you listen do him and help him with his problems and stresses?

    • Yes of course
    • I have my own problems to deal with
    • Sometimes
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    Would you trust them with the password to your phone?

    • I expect them to have it memorized.
    • Sure, if we’ve been together for a while.
    • Not under any circumstances.
    • If they are trustworthy.
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    Did you hesitate to agree to be exclusive?

    • No! We must merge like one person in two bodies.
    • Of course, what else is the point of being in a relationship?
    • Yes, I think maybe I could do better.
    • No, because that isn’t in line with my values.
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    Who initiates most of your calls?

    • I do! I call exactly 47 times a day.
    • We both do out parts.
    • My partner does, always.
    • It depends on what’s going on in our lives at the time.
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    If you were going away for a while, would you let them stay in your place?

    • I would demand that they do!
    • Sure, if they keep it clean.
    • No way.
    • Only if they learn to cook.
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    Have you ever made each other laugh without even speaking, perhaps just by looking at each other intently or doing silly faces?

    • My partner makes me laugh like that, and they politely pretend I do!
    • We do, frequently.
    • Rarely.
    • A lot of the time.
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    How often can you order for them in a restaurant and be sure you will pick something they’ll like?

    • Not all the time, but I always try.
    • Most of the time.
    • Not often.
    • Almost all the time, though they sometimes don’t realize they like it until they’ve tried it.
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    How many nicknames do you have for them?

    • One, and it’s very sweet!
    • More than we can count, each for a special occasion.
    • None. Nicknames are silly.
    • A few, none of them are embarrassing.
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    Do you often know what they are thinking without them telling you?

    • I always think I do, but I don’t always know.
    • I usually know.
    • I neither know nor care.
    • I can often sort it out, and I try to be helpful.
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    If they asked you for the truth about whether they had gained weight, and they had, would you give it?

    • I should hope so!
    • If there is trust, I would expect it.
    • No, and I probably wouldn’t bother asking.
    • Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if they want to lose weight, I’ll be supportive.
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    What’s the longest you can go without speaking?

    • Twenty six minutes.
    • Sixteen hours or so.
    • Weeks.
    • A day or so.

Are you a good girlfriend?

Am I a Good Girlfriend?