Are you a good girlfriend?

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    If they asked you for the truth about whether they had gained weight, and they had, would you give it?

    • I should hope so!
    • If there is trust, I would expect it.
    • No, and I probably wouldn’t bother asking.
    • Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if they want to lose weight, I’ll be supportive.
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    What’s the longest you can go without speaking?

    • Twenty six minutes.
    • Sixteen hours or so.
    • Weeks.
    • A day or so.
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    You’re on your period, and you’re getting really bad cramps. Your boyfriend calls you on the phone and asks if you want to go to dinner with him that night. You’re not feeling too great, and don’t want to go. How do you decline his offer?

    • ‘I don’t feel good. Sorry, but no.’
    • ‘Sorry, I don’t feel well today. Next time!’
    • ‘Sorry, but I haven’t been feeling well. Can we think of another day to go to dinner together?’
    • ‘Yeah, I don’t feel too great.’ Then hang up.
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    It’s your one-year anniversary! How do you celebrate with him?

    • We’ll go out to eat and spend the day together!
    • I don’t really know, but I think we’ll go get dinner together or something.
    • Oh, I already called him last week to arrange plans. First, we’re going to go to lunch together. Then, spend the afternoon at the mall! Then we’ll go to dinner, and have a sleepover at his house! Then we get breakfast together the next morning, and he drops me off at my house. It all works out!
    • I don’t know.
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    You get caught passing notes during class while the teacher is giving a boring lecture. Your boyfriend seems out of excuses, and is about to give in and tell the teacher the truth. What are you going to do?

    • Save my grades! Tell him we were just passing notes that have to do with the lecture, so we could keep track of everything, and share things the other person missed.
    • Tell him the truth. I’m an honest girl!
    • Stare at my boyfriend. The decision is his to make.
    • He passed me the first note!
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    Do you spend time thinking about other boys, or how you wish your boyfriend could treat you better?

    • Umm, I have to say sometimes? I’ve started to think about this other boy is cute, but I’m so ashamed of it!
    • Like, VERY rarely. And it’s only that he could do nicer things for me.
    • All the time. Mostly it’s about how all the other boys in my grade are like, 10x cuter than my boyfriend.
    • No way; if anything comes up between him and I, I bring it up with him and we figure it out.
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    If he dresses for a date, how do you feel?

    • I compliment him and tell him he looks great!
    • He looks wonderful. I don’t say anything though.
    • Sure, he looks okay, but I always look better.
    • He looks pretty nice. I smile at him and give him a wink when he catches my eyes.
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    Happy birthday! Your boyfriend is feeling really psyched about the present he bought for you. But when you open it, it’s something you specifically told him NOT to get for you. How do you react to this?

    • Chuckle in disbelief and say, ‘Uhm, this isn’t really what I asked for… um… I gotta go. Bye…!’
    • Thank him and put the present in my bag. I lose it the next day.
    • Thank him, smile, and put the present in my bag.
    • Thank him, put the present in my bag, and burn it when I get home.
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    He asks you to go on a date! Hooray! But… you get in a fight about where to go. HE wants to go to the beach, and YOU want to go to the diner. What are you going to do?

    • BEG to go to the diner, until the point where he says either, ‘Forget about it,’ or ‘Fine, we’ll go to the diner.’
    • Ask one more time to go to the diner.
    • Tell him you won’t go on a date with him unless you go to the diner.
    • Go to the beach with him, and go to the diner another day.
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    Sigh. Today you’ve been feeling really sad, but you don’t know why. You reach out to your boyfriend for help, but he doesn’t answer your text. What do you do?

    • Tell my friends that my boyfriend’s not answering the phone.
    • Imagine he’s busy and talk to my parents instead.
    • Spam him until he finally answers.
    • Give him a silent treatment for the entirety of tomorrow.
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    You see a picture of your boyfriend with another girl on his Snapchat story. You’re a little concerned that he may be cheating on you. What do you do?

    • Send him a screenshot of the Snap and demand to know who the girl is.
    • Publicly post a screenshot of this Snap with the caption, ‘Cheater cheater pumpkin eater! Telling lies? No surprise!’
    • Scream at him in the middle of class that you ‘know’ he’s cheating on you.
    • Confront him in real life and ask who this girl is.
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    Your boyfriend (or soon-to-be boyfriend) has come to ask you a question.

    • 75% ~ Good!
    • 50% ~ Meh, it’s okay!
    • 0% ~ Just terrible!
    • 100% ~ Outstanding!
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    Would you trust them with the password to your phone?

    • I expect them to have it memorized.
    • Sure, if we’ve been together for a while.
    • Not under any circumstances.
    • If they are trustworthy.
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    Did you hesitate to agree to be exclusive?

    • No! We must merge like one person in two bodies.
    • Of course, what else is the point of being in a relationship?
    • Yes, I think maybe I could do better.
    • No, because that isn’t in line with my values.
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    Who initiates most of your calls?

    • I do! I call exactly 47 times a day.
    • We both do out parts.
    • My partner does, always.
    • It depends on what’s going on in our lives at the time.
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    If you were going away for a while, would you let them stay in your place?

    • I would demand that they do!
    • Sure, if they keep it clean.
    • No way.
    • Only if they learn to cook.
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    Have you ever made each other laugh without even speaking, perhaps just by looking at each other intently or doing silly faces?

    • My partner makes me laugh like that, and they politely pretend I do!
    • We do, frequently.
    • Rarely.
    • A lot of the time.
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    How often can you order for them in a restaurant and be sure you will pick something they’ll like?

    • Not all the time, but I always try.
    • Most of the time.
    • Not often.
    • Almost all the time, though they sometimes don’t realize they like it until they’ve tried it.
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    How many nicknames do you have for them?

    • One, and it’s very sweet!
    • More than we can count, each for a special occasion.
    • None. Nicknames are silly.
    • A few, none of them are embarrassing.
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    Do you often know what they are thinking without them telling you?

    • I always think I do, but I don’t always know.
    • I usually know.
    • I neither know nor care.
    • I can often sort it out, and I try to be helpful.

Am I A Good Girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend?