Are you a night owl?


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    Do you like the dark?

    • Yes, it’s the best part of the day (I mean the night)
    • Not really it depends on how I feel
    • No, not at all the dark is scary
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    (If your in school or go to work) Do you struggle to get up early?

    • Uhh not really only if I go to sleep very late
    • No, I’m an early bird and I already know that me: WHY ARE YOU HERE
    • Hello yes someone finally understands me
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    Do you fall asleep late?

    • No, I sleep during the early morning hours
    • Depends on what I have to do the next day
    • No, I go to sleep the latest 11 O’ clock
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    Can you stay sleep till it’s the afternoon to evening?

    • Only if I’m really tired
    • Of course I can do that in my sleep pun intended
    • No, you’re missing most of your day sleeping in that late
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    Do you like dark colors?

    • Yesssssssssssssssss black is nice especially the blue at night it looks better than the morning am I right
    • Ehh it’s light and dark colors I like
    • No, it is all light colors especially morning blue
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    Do you wear dark clothing ?

    • Yes, just my favorite colors from the last question
    • Same thing it’s a mixture of colors
    • No, it’s too dark I like light colors
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    Do you like to sleep in when your alarm clock goes off ?

    • Yes, most of the time I st even hear it go off
    • Only if I go to sleep late
    • No, I like getting up early (you got no life)
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    Do you think night is prettier than the morning ?

    • Of course nothing is better than night
    • No, everything is better than night even the sun even burning my eyes out is better (you need some help)
    • Certain things are like the stars at night but otherwise there even
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    If you play games do you like to do it in the dark?

    • No, the light helps me focus on the game and isn’t a distraction
    • Some games I do like cod but other than that no
    • Yes, I focus more in the dark and I become more creative
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    Are you doing this quiz in the dark?

    • No, because you can strain your eyes
    • No, it’s quite dark and kinda light
    • Duh I was in the dark all day and it’s late

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