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    Your friend wants to borrow a book of yours. You say:

    • “Sure! Just have it back to me in a couple of weeks.”
    • “Take it.”
    • “I guess…but don’t turn down any pages, don’t read it while you’re eating, and don’t bring it out of the house.”
    • “That’s fine, but I’ll have to find it first…that may take a while.”
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    There’s an in-class writing assignment. You:

    • daydream for half the period then write two paragraphs and still leave before everyone else.
    • misread the instructions and write the essay on the wrong topic. Oh well…
    • are the last one done.
    • spend too long thinking up a good thesis and have to rush the rest of the essay. You know there are grammar errors, but turn it in when you’re done without checking it–there are only a few minutes left anyway.
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    You are playing a board game with some friends. You:

    • get annoyed when people start goofing off, but eventually join in the fun–it’s just a game.
    • are the one who usually makes the game become complete chaos.
    • read the instructions out loud to everyone just to make sure they all know the rules. When someone messes up, you get very frustrated.
    • continually miss your turn because you’re talking on your cell phone. You don’t even notice when you spill your drink all over the board.
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    Your CDs:

    • Are thrown into an old shoebox.
    • It takes a while to search them out. They usually turn up buried under a pile of dirty clothes on the floor.
    • Are arranged from your favorite to your least favorite.
    • Are arranged in alphabetical order by artist. Each artist sub-category is arranged by album title.
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    Are you good at drawing?

    • Yes, but my pictures are never quite perfect.
    • No.
    • Yes, but it takes me forever to make a good one. I pay a lot of attention to detail.
    • You mean doodling?
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    Read this sentence: “Me and my friend bought some ice cream.” Find the grammatical error (if there is one).

    • It’s ‘my friend and I’! People these days…
    • That’s what I would say.
    • I know it should be ‘my friend and I’, but I would never say it that way.
    • There ain’t nothing wrong with that!
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    You burn some chocolate chip cookies. You:

    • are frustrated and try the recipe again.
    • eat them anyway, right off the cookie sheet, and leave it in your room.
    • think they taste bad but don’t feel like re-doing it. You toss them in the trash.
    • I don’t burn cookies.
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    Describe this quiz.

    • Fun, but could have been better.
    • I was too lazy to finish, so I just skipped to this question.
    • It’s really not an accurate way of telling whether or not I’m a perfectionist.
    • It was OK.
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    How clean is your room?

    • There are a few books/CDs lying around, but not much more.
    • I can hardly walk across the floor without stepping on some dirty clothes or knocking over an old bowl from dinner. It also is a bit smelly in here.
    • Everything is organized and in place; my room is spotless.
    • It’s kind of dusty…and I guess I should get around to unpacking that suitcase.
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    You have to write a paper for school. You:

    • start working on it weeks before it’s due, but the night before you’re still slaving away so that it’s just right. You run down at 4 AM because you forgot to fix that comma splice!
    • start the paper a couple days before it’s due. You know it’s not your best work, but that’s ok…
    • are sitting at the computer at a loss for words on the night before it’s due. You spew out some junk, print it, and throw it in your book bag. It didn’t meet the length requirement. Oh well…
    • work hard the week before it’s due and give yourself the last night off to relax. You’ve already checked it over a few times.

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