Are You A Pervert?

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    How much do you like sex?

    • I never say no – whenever, wherever, I’m down
    • I look forward to the occasional dalliance
    • That question is like, SO personal!
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    Have you ever had sex somewhere other than in your bed?

    • Please…you haven’t lived until you’ve had sex on a car hood!
    • Why would I ever need to do that?
    • Yes, but only once or twice
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    About how old are you?

    • I’m a boy/girl
    • I’m old enough – that’s all you need to know!
    • I’m a man/woman
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    Do you often give yourself a “helping hand” (wink, wink)?

    • When the urge strikes and I’m not out somewhere, sure
    • My Sunday School teacher says I’ll go to hell for doing that!
    • Not only my hand, but I have toys for whenever I can’t find a partner
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    Do you immediately think about sex when you see two people kissing or touching affectionately?

    • No! And people really need to keep their “urges” private! Like, get a room already!
    • No. I might get turned on, but I do have some impulse control
    • Totally. Pornhub, here I come (literally!) Now, where’s the restroom in this place?
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    If you could see your classmates or work mates naked, would you choose to?

    • No! Ugh!
    • Only if they were attractive. And I wouldn’t act on seeing them.
    • Without question, immediately
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    Imagine that you’re on a deserted island with your sister or brother. You are in the mood…what do you do?

    • I hate to say it, but desperate times call for desperate measures
    • I’d find a banana or a hole in a tree
    • I cannot believe you’d even ask me that!
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    Same question as 7, but you’re alone and there are only some animals around.

    • Again, wth!
    • Hey, the birds do it, the bees do it, so….
    • I think I could manage with my hand and my imagination
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    How many porn subscriptions do you have?

    • I have Netflix, does that count?
    • TBH, I can’t keep track, and I get my money’s worth out of them
    • I have a free subscription to Pornhub that I enjoy on occasion
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    Have you ever been called a pervert?

    • All the time…but only by prudes or ace (asexual) people
    • No, the opposite, actually…and btw, there’s nothing wrong with saving yourself for marriage!
    • Yes, but I’m sure they were just joking
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    Do you like sex ?

    • Are you kidding me ? Sure, I like it !
    • A bit..
    • Who do you think I am? Asshole.
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    Did you answer correctly to the last question ?

    • Please..
    • Yes.
    • Maybe..
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    Are you a girl, or a boy ?

    • I’m a girl
    • I’m a WOMAN
    • I’m a boy
    • I’m a MAN..
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    Do you often masturbate yourself?

    • What kind of person are you?
    • You know the answer.
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    Do you immediately think about sex when you see something white?

    • Sometimes…
    • As normal people
    • Everytime
    • Not really
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    If you could see someone naked, male or female, would you do it?

    • Immediatly
    • Only if he’s the other gender.
    • No, i’m not a pervert.
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    Imagine you’re on a deserted island with your sister or brother, you need sex, what do you do?

    • We’re alone…
    • I tell him/her I’ll come back soon, ~20minutes
    • Where are you going?
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    Do you think you’re a pervert?

    • No!
    • Yes!
    • Maybe, you’ll tell me that.

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