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    You see the new kid alone what do you do?

    • OMG go and talk to them right away
    • I do not care.
    • You mean the new kid right next to me.
    • Ew. New people are lame.
    • Wait! What. New kid Where?
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    Someone starts to have a fight with you what do you do?

    • Fight back with self defence
    • You have low temper and so you start beating the kid up.
    • Call the teacher
    • Ignore them they want attention
    • Call them attention seekers and losers
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    You steal something and your friend get the blame what do you do?

    • Put fake evidence and lie to get you and your friend out of trouble
    • Fess up and say it was you who stole it
    • Make it look like it was your “friend”… You work better solo.
    • Say nothing
    • Blame it on someone you hate
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    How often do you get a new phone?

    • When I want
    • Every year
    • I do not own a phone
    • Every two to three years
    • Every half a year
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    Did you ever have a gf/bff?

    • No I’m a single pringle for ever
    • I’m currently in a relation ship
    • Yea I cheated on them
    • Yea but they cheated with me
    • Yea they were too boring
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    Are you trying to be with all the trends?

    • Naa! I am the trend
    • Some what in the middle
    • I’m on track with the trends
    • I created the trends
    • No I’m just being my ow person
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    Do you consider you being rude?

    • Yeah and I’m being honest about it
    • I’m just honest
    • No I’m kind
    • I Couldn’t hurt a fly
    • Totally rude
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    Do you help the poor?

    • No I don’t have the time
    • Why shouldn’t i
    • No I’m way too important
    • Always
    • No they deserved being poor
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    Your in a crazy situation and you have to sacrifice someone to be killed who would it be?

    • My one and only best friend
    • My dad
    • My mom
    • Me
    • I am behind all of this so I have a plan to kill everyone
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    What do you think of this test?

    • It was great
    • It was okay
    • Horrible
    • Meh
    • May I have my answers now?

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