Are you a self conscious teen?


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    Welcome to the quiz, please answer all questions honestly so you can get a accurate result.

    • Whatever
    • Let’s get started!
    • Okay thanks
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    If you had to change one thing on your face what would it be?

    • Small parts like lips and nose
    • All of it
    • Nothing, I love my face
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    What would your ideal world be like?

    • This world is fine
    • A makeup world!
    • Everyone accepting people for who they were so people could not be judged and boys would fall for natural beauty
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    What is your daily beauty routine like?

    • I just try and look good I suppose
    • I don’t really need to try! I look amazing in everything I wear!
    • I try and spend as much time as possible so I don’t feel out of place but it Doesn’t work
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    What is your preferable thing to do on the weekend?

    • Help my family, Listen to music, have fun with family
    • Sports events
    • Make up parties! Sleepovers! Flirting!
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    What would you class as your worst feature?

    • My toes I wish they didn’t exist!
    • Whole body
    • Maybe my legs? Or arms?
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    Have you ever had any boy interest?

    • Yeah but we stayed friends
    • Tons and tons!
    • One or two but not the people I’d like it off
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    Do you like yourself?

    • At times
    • No not any time really
    • Yes I love myself
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    What are you classed as at school?

    • Sporty type
    • Popular, Preppy
    • Nerd, Quiet one, Shy girl
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    Scenario: You have spent time on your hair and your clothes and you feel really pleased. Your Mum is taking you to town to buy some new clothes. Once you’re in the shop, there are loads of pretty girls who look awesome, What do you do?

    • Make friends! They seem my type!
    • Shake it off! I’m just here to do what they’re doing
    • Instantly compare myself to them and feel ugly for the rest of the day
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    Scenario 2: You see a boy and girl walking around holding hands, suddenly, a random boy comes up to you and asks you out. You say no and try to walk off but when you do, the boy instantly kisses your lips so you would say yes. You got so upset that you ran off crying but you heard a thud. That boy you saw holding hands had punched him then asked you if you were okay. What do you do?

    • Instantly become embarrassed because he would never like a girl like me
    • Snog his face off (me: Slow down)
    • Say Yes thanks and walk off
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    Scenario: A cute boy sticks for you when a bunch if mean girls start picking on you. The boy asks you out for dinner to cheer you up. What do you wear?

    • Something very revealing
    • Something I think he will like, but he won’t because it’s me:-(
    • Sports top and trainers
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    Have you ever had a boyfriend?

    • Nah
    • So many I’ve lost count
    • Yes we loved each other but it didn’t work out
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    Favourite colour?

    • Neutral
    • Pink!
    • Neons
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    • I know honey!
    • Thanks but nope
    • Awh:-) you are too!

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