Are You a Siren or a Mermaid?

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    What do you think of the Good Samaritan?

    • What a chump!
    • I get it, but I don’t think he needed to be THAT helpful.
    • He’s a nice guy, but probably easily scammed.
    • What a great guy!
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    How’s your swimming?

    • Meh
    • Decent
    • Very good
    • Olympian in the making
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    Who’s your role model?

    • Athena
    • Bette Davis
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Mother Theresa
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    Would you ever change yourself for a man?

    • Never
    • Not much
    • A bit
    • Totally
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    What’s your ideal home?

    • Castle overlooking a rocky promontory
    • Cottage by the sea
    • Houseboat
    • Underwater abode
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    You see a hot guy. How do you get him to come over?

    • He just does.
    • I look at him.
    • I hover nearby and hope he notices me.
    • I wouldn’t dare try!
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    Are you a good negotiator?

    • I always get what I want.
    • I compromise, but never on the main point.
    • I tend to get one or two concessions.
    • I usually give away the farm.
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    How do you like to travel?

    • Airplane
    • Hydroplane
    • Cruise liner
    • Catamaran
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    How would you describe your ideal man?

    • There’s no such thing.
    • He’s a nice guy who doesn’t let me walk all over him.
    • He’s a cuddly fellow who loves dogs.
    • I want a handsome prince! Personality optional.
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    Who’s your best friend?

    • My sister
    • My work friend
    • My college friend
    • My BFF from childhood
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    Do you ever hurt people just for fun?

    • All the time!
    • Yes, but I end up feeling guilty.
    • No, but I do enjoy occasional schadenfreude.
    • Oh my gosh, no!
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    What’s your ideal weather?

    • Calm and balmy
    • Sunny and slightly breezy
    • Sunny with occasional storms
    • Stormy weather
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    Do you talk to strangers?

    • Sure! I like to mess with them.
    • I only talk to them if I want something from them.
    • I avoid them.
    • I’m very friendly and can start a conversation with anyone.
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    How petty are you?

    • Very
    • More than I should be
    • A little
    • Not at all
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    What’s the best way to sail through a whirlpool?

    • Head straight for the center, go around twice, and use the speed of the water to slingshot out.
    • Make a bold dash, and try to row through with brute force.
    • Try to go around the edge, and hope for the best.
    • Avoid it completely. Whatever’s on the other side can’t be that great.

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