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Anything which deviates from the normal is considered weird. Humans have this tendency to ridicule or shame anything that goes against their beliefs. You could notice it in people who are more conservative than others while it is also true that a fair bit of it could be found in almost anyone. We all have this tendency to set standards for almost anything on the planet like how much a person should earn, skin color, school grades, and many different things.

Even if you deviate a little from those standard you would be treated as an outcast and often you would be ridiculed for the same. It is a fact that even if we are genetically almost the same we still could be radically different in our own ways. There is nothing wrong with it and we should encourage it. We should question everything rather than calling them as weird or not fit for society. Many of the greatest philosophers, scientists, and visionaries were able to do so because they had said no to many of the norms of society.

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    Have you had much success with diets?

    • None. I can’t seem to stop myself.
    • I have a drinking problem.
    • I usually beat myself up over them.
    • Only with help.
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    Are other people attracted to you?

    • No, none
    • Yes, often
    • No, I push them away.
    • Yes, thanks to my little helper.
  • Question of

    How’s your self-control?

    • Bad
    • Not great
    • I lose my grip every now and then.
    • Excellent
  • Question of

    Do people turn to you for advice?

    • No. Why would they?
    • Rarely
    • Sure, as much as anyone
    • Frequently
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    How do you fare when you can’t get what you need?

    • I frenzy.
    • I look bad.
    • I turn in on myself.
    • I work hard to get it.
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    How deeply do you sleep?

    • I don’t.
    • I sleep very deeply.
    • I toss and turn.
    • I sleep like a baby.
  • Question of

    How adaptable are you?

    • Not at all
    • A bit
    • Very
    • I have help.
  • Question of

    What’s your relationship like with your boss?

    • Terrible. I’m a drone.
    • I am the boss.
    • I hate my boss.
    • I’m under my boss’s thumb.
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    Are you always surrounded by people just like you?

    • It seems that way.
    • No, I don’t like people like me.
    • No, there is no one like me.
    • I have a couple colleagues.
  • Question of

    Do your friends ever accuse you of using them?

    • No
    • Not to my face, but I have heard the whispers.
    • No, only of abusing myself.
    • Not if they are wise.
  • Question of

    How likely are you to pick a fight with a stranger?

    • I do it all the time.
    • I’ll do it if I’m in a mood and run across them.
    • Unlikely, unless I’m ordered to.
    • I try to avoid that.
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    Do you seethe at the behavior of others?

    • I just seethe.
    • No, I rejoice in it.
    • No, only my own.
    • Yes
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    How much is your life driven by routine?

    • All of it
    • No more than anyone else’s
    • It’s pretty chaotic.
    • It’s always exciting and new.
  • Question of

    How much is your life driven by hunger?

    • That’s all I think about.
    • It’s my number one drive, but not the only major drive.
    • It’s not.
    • I’m more concerned with bigger things.
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    How much is your life driven by the passage of time?

    • Not at all
    • It consumes me.
    • Not really at all
    • Sometimes you have to wait for the stars to align.

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