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    What kind of movies you love to watch?

    • Drama and comedies
    • Hate movies, always the same thing
    • Scary ones and in where they kill everybody
    • Action and adventure, so awesome
    • Love stories, romantics are so nice
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    Which is your favorite activity?

    • Eat, or sleep
    • Hiking!
    • Fighting, let’s kill someone
    • Obviously… shopping
    • Singing-dancing
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    What activity you hate?

    • Shopping, ballet, kissing, so horrible
    • Fighting so disgusting
    • Everything where you have to get up
    • Sleeping
    • Reading…
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    Which of these looks more foolish?

    • Diamonds can fly! My dream is coming true
    • Killing blue unicorns is the most beautiful thing in the world
    • The only way to survive is walking
    • My hamster is so intelligent
    • The banana will kill me, I need to escape!
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    We are almost finish, so why are you doing this quiz?

    • I don’t have anyone to kill today
    • I needed to waste my time
    • They obligated me to
    • Found it funny at the description
    • Today it is raining, so I’m bored
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    If you ever found a flying monkey what you will tell or ask him?

    • Why do you fly? That’s weird.
    • I can’t ever see one, because I never go out
    • What colour is your blood? I want to see it.
    • How does it feel flying? I will love to fly too
    • Cool wings bro, do you like flying?
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    Boring first question, which is your favorite colour? at least the one that is closest to it

    • Green, yellow
    • Blue, black
    • Brown, grey
    • Pink, light purple
    • Orange, red
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    Which sports do you like?

    • Anything violent
    • Tennis, running
    • None, prefer sleeping
    • Soccer, basket ball
    • Ballet, cheer leading
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    Which kind of food do you like the most?

    • Bloody meat
    • Seafood, sushi
    • Candy, chocolate
    • Just something with lots of fats
    • Meat, rice, popcorn
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    In one word, how you will describe yourself?

    • Shy
    • Violent
    • Extreme
    • Normal
    • Funny

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