Are You and Your Boyfriend a Match Made in Heaven?



While nobody could tell you if you will ever get a boyfriend but you could certainly improve your chances of getting your love. You could improve it if you know what do boys generally look for in their girlfriends. An important point to note is that each boy is different and they all will have different requirements.

Here is a list of a few of the most common requirements:

1.Mutual Respect without ego problems.

Pseudo-feminists will not love this. The girl must not think that she is above him. If she thinks it like that then it is very less likely she will ever have a fruitful relationship. Most of the guys generally hate these types of girls.

2.Spontaneity and little craziness

Generally, it is considered that it is the man’s duty to make his partner laugh but the opposite also gets true when a guy is looking for someone to get into a relationship. Guys simply love crazy girls.

3.As few insecurities as possible

It is true that guys generally go for someone who is very secure of themselves. Everybody has their own set of insecurities. Agreed. But it should be as few as possible in order to look attractive to men.

4.To be loved for who they really are.

There are many guys who don’t give a damn about grooming themselves. Though it is wrong in my opinion and one should at least look presentable. Even those guys will try to at least look presentable in front of their girlfriends. But it is also true that the girl should be also comfortable with their realistic look, both physical and mental ones.
“The important part is that you had someone to stick by you all that time. Even when everything sucked.”
Jennifer E. Smith,

“I learned that love can end in one night, that great friends can become great strangers, that strangers can become best friends, that we never finish to know and understand someone completely, that the “never ever again” will happen again and that “forever” always ends, that the one that wants it can, will achieve it and get it, that the one that risks it never looses anything, that physique, figure and beauty attracts but personality makes one fall in love.”
Tommy Tran

“Heaven help me, but I wanted my professor to be my boyfriend.”
Cora Carmack,

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Are you able to talk about sex?

    • Gross.
    • No, that sounds odd.
    • We don’t need to, things are perfect.
    • We totally can.
  • Question of

    Do you make time for each other?

    • Well, we are pretty busy.
    • We do our best!
    • We are always together.
    • We do, but we give space too.
  • Question of

    How do you feel if he is going away for a week?

    • I don’t care.
    • I feel jealous.
    • I feel insecure.
    • I miss him, but I am fine.
  • Question of

    Do you stay in shape since you’ve been seeing him?

    • No, I barely work out anymore.
    • It is about the same.
    • Yes, I work out way more.
    • Yes, I feel good about myself.
  • Question of

    Do you trust him?

    • No way!
    • I am getting better at that.
    • Yes, if he lied to me it would crush me.
    • Yes, he is trustworthy.
  • Question of

    Does he have different strengths than you?

    • I don’t even really know what his strengths are.
    • For the most part.
    • Yes, he is amazing!
    • Yes, we complement each other really well.
  • Question of

    Has he ever cheated on you?

    • He has.
    • I think maybe.
    • I hope not.
    • I am sure he hasn’t.
  • Question of

    Can you hang out and not talk to each other?

    • Yes, we fight a lot.
    • No, that is super awkward.
    • No, I get too excited around him for that.
    • Of course.
  • Question of

    How often do you fight?

    • All the time.
    • Pretty often.
    • Never!
    • Only when there is something important we need to get out.
  • Question of

    Do you still flirt?

    • No, we really don’t.
    • I think so.
    • We always flirt.
    • Sure, but it is subtle.
  • Question of

    How are things in the bedroom?

    • Kind of boring
    • Pretty good
    • Amazing
    • Consistently good
  • Question of

    Is he your best friend?

    • Don’t make me laugh.
    • No, but I do like him.
    • One of them.
    • For sure.
  • Question of

    What is the perfect night with him?

    • Going out to a nice dinner
    • Going on a double date
    • Going out partying
    • Staying home and chilling
  • Question of

    Does your family like him?

    • They hate him.
    • They tolerate him.
    • They haven’t met yet.
    • Sure, they get along fine.
  • Question of

    What does he inspire you to do?

    • Make more money
    • Be better in bed
    • Go out and party
    • Be a better person

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