Are you and your crush meant to be?

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    Do they always tell you they like you?

    • Only once in a while
    • Once a day.
    • Never.
    • At least 2 times a week.
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    Are they embarrassed to be with you in front of their friends?

    • Well, it depends on who they’re with.
    • No he wants his friends to accept me
    • Nope!
    • Yes! All the time! He just wants to look cool!
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    How much do you like them on a scale of 1-10? (doesn’t affect quiz)

    • 9-10
    • 7-8
    • 1-3
    • 4-6
    • 11 😉
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    What do they like about you? (If you know)

    • They like my personality and looks.
    • I’m not sure what they like about me.
    • Just like me for my body.
    • Like everything about me!
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    Do they start the conversations on Snapchat, Text, Instagram, Oovoo, etc…?

    • It’s 50 50
    • He mostly starts them but I start them once in a while
    • We never talk
    • I start them all the time
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    Do they do sweet things for you? Like take you on romantic dates, send you long messages, send good morning and night texts, says I really like you, etc…

    • Very rarely do they do that. They are shy.
    • Yes! They do that a lot!
    • Sometimes. It depends on what we are talking about.
    • Never!
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    Does he compliment you?

    • Yes!
    • Sometimes!
    • Never!
    • Only on certain things.
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    Do you think they like you and want to make your relationship go farther?

    • Yes! They make it so obvious!
    • I’m not quite sure!
    • No, I think they want to be friends.
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    Are they athletic? If so do they pay attention to you after their games?

    • Sometimes. If it’s a tough game they don’t talk to me a lot.
    • Not athletic and doesn’t talk to me at games.
    • Yes, very athletic and always talks to me during and before and after!
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    Are you ready to get your results!

    • I’M SCARED!
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    How often does she/he accidentally make eye contact with you?

    • He doesn’t even know I exist!
    • Never. I never see him.
    • Sometimes. It depends on where we are.
    • Yes, all the time when we are hanging out.
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    Does he spend most of his time with you?

    • Yes. He is always a gentleman around me.
    • Sometimes. It depends on if he is with his friends or ha.s homework
    • No! I told you he doesn’t know I exist!
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    Does he look at his phone constantly when you are hanging out?

    • Yes! He doesn’t even pay attention to me!
    • Sometimes. He checks it if he feels it buzz, but then puts it away.
    • No. He turns his phone all the way off!
    • Depends. Sometimes he will answer a quick text.
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    What gender are they? (Does not affect quiz)

    • Girl
    • Boy
    • Same gender as you
    • Transgender
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    Do you both have similar interests and similarities?

    • We have some of the same but some different.
    • Not really, but we always talk about different things.
    • Yes! We actually have a lot!
    • Only like two

Are you meant to be with him?

Is he your Meant To Be?