Are you and your partner in love with each other?

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    How often do you/your partner say ‘I love you’?

    • Every two second
    • Almost never
    • A few times a day
    • Sometimes
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    How often do you and your partner have sex?

    • Wait, couples have sex?
    • 1-2 times a week
    • Once every 2-3 weeks
    • 3-6 times a week
    • We’re supposed to stop having sex?
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    A family member of your partner dies, what do you do?

    • Tell them to suck it up
    • Nothing
    • Comfort them
    • Attend the wake and the funeral and do whatever they want after
    • Skip the funeral
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    You and your partner are laying in bed browsing Netflix, what do you watch?

    • Reruns of FRIENDS
    • What I want to watch
    • Whatever they want to watch
    • Nothing because we can’t decide
    • Dear John
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    How much does your partner compliment you?

    • They’ve only complimented me once or twice
    • Daily
    • Almost never
    • Every now and then
    • Whenever I dress up
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    You and your partner get into a huge fight, who says sorry and who admits they were wrong?

    • I say sorry and they admit
    • We both agree we were wrong and apologize
    • I admit AND say sorry
    • They admit and say sorry
    • They say sorry and I admit
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    It’s Valentine’s Day, what do you do for your partner?

    • Get them roses and chocolate
    • Make them a romantic dinner and wine
    • Do their favorite thing
    • Wine, dine, then 69
    • Cover the bed in rose pedals and have all night sex
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    If they had to move due to school, work, etc. would you follow them?

    • I would just dump them, long distance never works.
    • Hell no, I have a life right here
    • Depends on how far they had to go
    • Of course, they are the love of my life
    • Try the long distance thing.
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    How many kids do you and your partner want?

    • 4 or more
    • We can’t decide
    • 3-4
    • We don’t want kids
    • 1-2
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    Ladies, if your guy proposed with a small ring, would you still say yes?

    • No, I want a HUGE diamond
    • Depends
    • YES, bling doesn’t matter I just want to marry him
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    If your partner was in the hospital, what would you do?

    • Wait until they come home
    • Never leave their bedside
    • Be there during the day and go home at night
    • Visit them once or twice
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    Guys, if your woman says she wants to go out, what do you do?

    • Tell her to have a good time and you love her
    • Make sure she isn’t wearing anything too revealing
    • Go with her
    • Tell her no
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    How long did it take to realize you were in love?

    • After the 8th date
    • As soon as I laid my eyes on them
    • After we first had sex
    • I haven’t yet
    • First time we kissed
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    If your family doesn’t like your partner, what do you do?

    • Just don’t bring them around your family
    • Tell your family to suck it up and just be nice
    • Dump them
    • Explain how in love you are and hope your family understands
    • Disregard what your family says, you love them
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    You guys are struggling financially but your partner gets into their dream college(which is super expensive) what do you do?

    • Scrape up the money so they can be happy
    • Work extra hard for the next 4 years to pay for their college
    • Let them pay for it them self
    • Explain to them that they can’t go because you guys can’t afford it

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