Are you attracted to black women? (Lesbians can also try)

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    How do you feel about the idea of interracial dating between a black woman and a white man?

    • It excites me
    • It interests me a lot
    • It would be fine
    • It probably isn’t for me, but I have no problem with it in general
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    If you were to go on a dating site and set your preferences for a partner, would you specify black ethnicity/race/skin color as a desirable characteristic?

    • Yes, that’s what I’m looking for
    • Yes, but not exclusively
    • No, I wouldn’t specific any skin color characteristics
    • No, but I might specify others
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    Take a look at your Instagram feed. What proportion of the women you follow are black?

    • Majority
    • A lot
    • A few
    • None/Don’t have Instagram
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    Have you ever read fiction about an interracial BWWM relationship and enjoyed it?

    • Yes, I find stories featuring white men and black women arousing
    • No, but now I might…
    • No, this doesn’t really interest me
    • No, I would be unlikely to read anything like that
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    Do you tend to seek out films and music featuring black women?

    • Yes I regularly look for new films starring black actresses and enjoy music by black female artists
    • Yes I pay more attention to an actress or artist if they are a black woman
    • Not particularly, though if they happen to feature that’s fine
    • Not really
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    Have you ever seen a black woman on the street and been instantly attracted to her?

    • Yes, this happens all the time
    • Yes, this happens a lot
    • Not any more so than other women
    • Not really/Never
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    Do you often fantasize about black women?

    • All the time
    • Quite a lot
    • Sometimes
    • Rarely/Never
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    Scenario 1: A group of attractive women in a bar are all looking over at you, one of the group is black. Who do you approach?

    • Definitely the black woman
    • Probably the black woman
    • Whoever smiles at me
    • Probably not the black woman
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    Scenario 2: You’ve been matched on a dating app with three women. You find them all attractive. Two are white, one is black. Who do you message first?

    • Black woman, obviously
    • More than likely the black woman
    • Random choice
    • Probably not the black woman
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    Do you find darker skin tones attractive?

    • I have a strong preference for darker skin tones
    • I am probably more attracted to darker skin tones than white skin
    • I am attracted to all skin tones equally
    • I am not particularly interested in darker skin tones
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    Have you ever had a sexual experience with a black woman?

    • Yes, and I loved it
    • No, but I really want to
    • No but I’m open to it
    • No, and I’m not particularly interested
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    Could you see yourself dating a black woman?

    • Only want to date a black woman
    • Really want to date a black woman
    • Open to the idea of dating a black woman
    • Not interested in dating a black woman
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    Could you see yourself having a long term relationship with or getting married to a black woman?

    • Absolutely
    • Yes
    • Open to it
    • Probably not
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    Would you want to have a family with a black woman?

    • Definitely
    • Yes
    • Sure, if that’s how things work out
    • Not really
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    Finally, how would you describe the level of attraction you feel towards black women?

    • It’s strong. I am attracted to black women a lot more than other women
    • It’s definitely a thing. I mostly prefer black women
    • I have no particular preference based on skin color
    • I am not particularly drawn towards black women

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