Are you attractive to guys?

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    What is your eye color?

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Brown/black
    • Hazel
    • Other
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    What is your hair type?

    • Kinky (4a, 4b, 4c hair)
    • Coily (3a, 3b, 3c hair)
    • Curly (2a, 2b, 2c hair)
    • Wavy/straight (1a, 1b, 1c hair)
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    What color is your hair?

    • Brown/black
    • Blond
    • Redhead
    • Dyed (unnatural color)
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    How are your eyebrows?

    • Natural thick (good shape, no makeup, plucked or not)
    • Very thin or meager*
    • Natural medium shape (good shape, no makeup, plucked or not)
    • Done (makeup and plucked)
    • Bushy with uni brow
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    What size is your nose?

    • Big and round
    • Small and round
    • Straight and small
    • Long and crooked
    • I need a nose job????
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    What about your smile? (yellow as in natural color)

    • Beautiful smile, straight, white teeth
    • yellow, straight teeth
    • Yellow, crooked teeth
    • I have braces
    • I have no teeth
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    Do you have dimples?

    • Yes
    • No
    • On one side:)
    • At some random place on my face
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    What is your style like?

    • Preppy (skirts, dresses, cute tops)
    • Edgy/skater girl
    • Brands (lowkey hypebeast)
    • Another decade (vintage)
    • Basic (leggings, sweatpants, skinny jeans)
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    Do you have any piercings?

    • Only my ears
    • One or a few on my face only
    • One or a few (whole body)
    • A lot (whole body)
    • None
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    Can you cook?

    • Ahaha hell no
    • Just basic stuff
    • Do toasts and cereal count?
    • I can cook pretty much anything
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    What’s your snapscore?

    • I don’t have snapchat
    • Less than 10 000
    • Less than 100 000
    • Less than 1mil
    • 1mil and over
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    Are you funny?

    • I have the best humor, i’m a whole clown
    • I’m funny but I’m not cracking jokes 24/7
    • I’m averagely funny and I don’t make jokes often
    • What is humor?
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    Do you wear glasses?

    • Yes
    • I wear contacts
    • No
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    What is your body type?

    • Rectangle (average/small bottom, small waist, average/small waist)
    • Hourglass (big bottom, small waist, big chest)
    • Pear (big bottom, small waist and chest)
    • Apple (average/big bottom, big waist, big chest)
    • Athletic (very muscular) (if you don’t have huge legs and arms and abs and all that just pick something else)
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    Do you do any sports?

    • Yes, a few or many hours a week
    • Yes, but just 1-3 hours a week
    • No
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    How clear is your face?

    • Perfectly clear (no zits, bumps or scars)
    • Somewhat clear (a few zits, bumps or scars)
    • Not clear (a lot of zits, bumps or scars)

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