Are You Bossy?


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    You are playing with your friends. One friend says that she wants to play volleyball. The rest want to play it too. You, however, want to play basketball. What do you do?

    • I grab the basketball and tell them which positions to play. I, of course, get the best.
    • I sulk. I do lousy at the Volleyball, but we never do Basketball because I don’t speak up.
    • I talk with them on how I want to play Basketball. You do a compromise. We do some Volleyball and then some Basketball.
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    Your mother and you are in the store. You want ice cream, but the one you want is expensive. Your mother tells you that maybe you can get a less expensive generic brand. Now what?

    • We go half and half. I pay for half of the ice cream and she pays for the other half.
    • I look her in the eye and say, Give me the ice cream I want NOW!
    • I accept her idea and pout.
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    You are with your little brother. You tell him to sit still so you can put makeup on him. What happens?

    • He tells on mom because I am being bossy.
    • He laughs and asks me if he can do it to me, and I let him.
    • This would never happen.
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    What do you do when things don’t go your way?

    • I feel bad, but I know things cannot always go my way.
    • Nothing ever goes my way.
    • I sulk, cry, have a temper tantrum, the works.
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    How many friends do you have and why?

    • The friends I have just use me.
    • A lot. We compromise.
    • Zero. I want my way too much. I never let them have a say.
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    Someone in Art is painting a picture. She thinks it should have purple in it, but you think yellow looks better. What do you say?

    • I don’t say anything. My ideas are dumb anyway.
    • I think yellow would look great, but you do what you want.
    • Put yellow in it or I won’t talk to you ever again!
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    Your parents serve you lima bean soup for dinner. You…

    • Eat it all but whine about how bad it tastes.
    • push it away from you and order them to get you a pizza this instant.
    • Eat some of it, but not all.
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    Where is your nose?

    • Hanging down. Everyone is better than me. I’m such a loser.
    • Normal place. I am not lesser nor better than anyone else.
    • In the air. I’m better than everyone else.
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    Do you ever let anyone decide what to do or have an opinion?

    • Yes, I share mine. They share theirs.
    • Yes, I never tell my ideas or opinions. No one will listen anyway.
    • Nope. All their ideas are dumb and boring. I’m the only one with good ideas.
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    Do you think you are bossy?

    • Yeh, so what? Now GO AWAY!
    • No, I give my say, but I can compromise.
    • No, I’m quiet and sensitive.

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