Are you datable?

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    You spend Valentine’s Day….

    • Alone
    • With your S.O
    • With your friends
    • With the boy you like (romantic)
    • With the boy you like (casual)
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    Your crush texts you,’hey what you up to?’ you send..

    • Not much, you?
    • Hai, not much just chilling in my room, watching TV at my desk how bout u
    • Ignore it
    • Think bout you
    • Hey baby, want to come over?
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    Your crush sits next to you in English literature, you

    • Don’t talk to him
    • Have a nice conversation
    • Flirt
    • Awkwardly rant
    • Get in a friendly argument
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    He calls you cute in gym, you say..

    • I’m not ‘cute’
    • I know
    • So are you
    • Umm that’s a bit forward
    • Laugh
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    Your boyfriends best friend invites you to ‘study’ you…

    • Invite the boyfriend too
    • Say yes and, things happen
    • Say yes, and you study
    • Say no
    • Say yes but he flirts with you for hours
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    He asks you out, you

    • Say yes, you like him
    • Say yes, you’ll break up with him soon
    • Say no your in another relationship
    • Say no you don’t like him
    • Say no, you don’t want a relationship
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    What is your ideal first date?

    • Going to a restaurant
    • Going to a museum or gallery
    • Going to an amusement park
    • Going to a bar
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    How often do you go on dates?

    • Whenever I get asked out
    • At least once a week
    • Twice a week
    • As often as I can
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    What color outfit would you wear?

    • Black
    • White
    • Blue
    • Red
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    What kind of person are you looking for?

    • A respectful person
    • An intelligent person
    • An adventurous person
    • An attractive person
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    Which physical feature is your weakness?

    • Eyes
    • Smile
    • Long hair
    • Muscles
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    When you meet someone you are interested in, you…

    • Begin to blush
    • Get clumsy
    • Do nothing
    • Ask them for their phone number
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    Which of these is a deal breaker?

    • The person has poor hygiene.
    • The person is overcritical.
    • The person has too much ex-baggage.
    • The person has no sense of humor.
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    Which dating app have you used?

    • Coffee Meets Bagel
    • Bumble
    • Tinder
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    Where do you usually meet people?

    • At work/school
    • At weddings
    • At coffee shops
    • At parties
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    Which of these celebs would you date?

    • Rachel McAdams
    • Ryan Gosling
    • Margot Robbie
    • Justin Bieber
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    Have you ever had a partner?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Kind of, it was complicated
    • I’m in a relationship now
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    This guy in math turns around and starts to flirt, you..

    • Flirt back
    • Be nice, not flirty, just friendly
    • Are really shy and just awkwardly nod through the conversation
    • Just be like ‘I have a boyfriend, sorry’
    • Just say ‘sorry I’m not interested’
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    Your guy friend offers to buy you a drink, you know he likes you, do you…

    • Order the most expensive drink, hey, if he’s paying….
    • Say you are busy
    • Have a nice conversation over coffee
    • Flirt with him even though your not into him
    • Decline the offer
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    Your friend asks you to help them study, you….

    • Say yes and never show up
    • Say no, you’ve got better things to do
    • Say yes but don’t help, just distract them
    • Say yes and help
    • Say no because your truly busy

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