Are You Dating an Angel or a Devil?

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    Which of these seven deadly sins does your significant other commit?

    • Pride
    • Wrath
    • Greed
    • Gluttony
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    Is your significant other the type of person who gets mad easily?

    • No, not at all
    • Yes, I’m not sure what’s wrong with them.
    • They occasionally become angry.
    • Yes, but they’re passive-aggressive about it.
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    Does your significant other talk more than they listen?

    • No, they listen more than they talk.
    • Yes, they always have something to say during a conversation.
    • It depends on the conversation.
    • Yes, but I don’t mind.
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    What would your significant other do for you if you were sick?

    • They would make me soup or buy me medicine.
    • Nothing at all
    • They would cuddle with me.
    • I’m not sure what they would do.
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    How would you rate your significant other’s cooking skills on a scale of 1-10?

    • 9-10
    • 1-3
    • 7-8
    • 4-6
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    Would your significant other rather make or buy you a birthday card?

    • They would definitely make me one.
    • They wouldn’t get me a card for my birthday.
    • They’ve done both of these before, so I’m not sure.
    • They would probably buy one.
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    Which of these Star Wars characters matches the personality of your significant other?

    • Princess Leia
    • Darth Vader
    • Kylo Ren
    • Han Solo
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    How would you describe your significant other in one word?

    • Kind
    • Fiery
    • Rebellious
    • Calm
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    Shy versus outgoing: which category does your significant other fall under?

    • Outgoing
    • Shy
    • A little bit of both
    • I’m not 100% sure.
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    What kind of animal lies within the soul of your significant other?

    • Kitten
    • Great white shark
    • Grizzly bear
    • Goldfish
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    If your significant other found a wallet on the ground, what would they do with it?

    • They would give it to the police.
    • They would keep the wallet.
    • They would try to find the owner of the wallet.
    • They would probably just leave it on the ground.
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    Does your significant other like to pay for your meals during dinner dates?

    • Absolutely
    • No, they never pay for me.
    • They occasionally pay for me.
    • We usually split the bill down the middle.
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    How often does your significant other forget about your birthday?

    • Never
    • Every single year
    • This has only happened once or twice.
    • I’m not sure if this has ever happened before.
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    Would you describe your significant other as the ‘hopeless romantic’ type?

    • Absolutely
    • Nope, not at all.
    • It depends on the occasion.
    • They are a little bit like this.
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    Name something that your significant other can improve on in the relationship.

    • Nothing, they’re practically perfect.
    • They need to think before they speak.
    • Communication skills
    • They need to have a better work ethic.

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