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    How much do you weigh??

    • Under 70
    • 100-120
    • 120-150
    • 150+
    • 70-100
  • Question of

    Stand up straight and look down, what do you see??

    • My big stomach and my toes
    • My stomach that comes out a little and half my feet
    • My stomach that caves in, tiny boobs, thighs and all of my feet
    • My toned stomach, boobs, thighs and most of my feet
    • Just my stomach
  • Question of

    Sit down and lean forward, how many stomach rolls do you have? (small, 1/2-1 inch, big, 2+ inches)?

    • Just some skin folds
    • 2-3 big
    • Nothing, not even skin folds
    • One or two small ones
    • 4+ big
  • Question of

    How many meals do you eat in a day??

    • 3-4 and lots of snacks
    • 0-1 and no snacks
    • 5+ and TONS of snacks
    • 2-3 and a snack or two
    • 1-2 and maybe a snack every once in a while
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    Run around, what jiggles/bounces? (Boobs not included)?

    • My thighs jiggle a TINY amount and so does my butt
    • My stomach, thighs and but bounce for a second
    • Everything bounces for a long time
    • Nothing
    • My thighs, butt and stomach jiggle for less than a second
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    What is your waist measurement in inches? (around your natural waistline NOT around your belly button)?

    • 20-25
    • 35+
    • 30-35
    • Less than 20
    • 25-30
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    Do you think your fat? And how much weight do you want to gain/loss?

    • I’m very overweight/obese and could lose 30+ pounds
    • I’m fine, could gain could lose
    • I’m super skinny and need to gain a LOT of weight
    • I’m skinny and could gain a few pounds or maybe lose some (can never be too skinny!)
    • I’m fat/chubby and could lose 10-20 pounds
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    What is your belly measurement in inches? (around your belly button, NOT your natural waist line)?

    • 25-30
    • 20-25
    • 40+
    • 30-39
    • Less than 20
  • Question of

    What do you normally eat??

    • Only junk
    • Mostly healthy food but every ONCE in a while I’ll have a bag or chips or something
    • Only healthy food
    • Mostly junk but some healthy food
    • Healthy food but some junk and candy
  • Question of

    Last question, how much fat can you grab off your stomach in inches??

    • The tiniest amount (less than half an inch)
    • A normal amount (And inch to an inch and a half)
    • A huge handful (5+ inches)
    • None
    • A small handful (3-4 inches)

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