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    You wake up inside a closed coffin that’s already been buried. What do you do?

    • Use a knife to dig a hole in a corner near your head, and go from there.
    • Panic until you run out of energy, then cry until you can’t breath.
    • Accept your fate and think about your life.
    • Yell out for help and if you don’t get a response you give up and think about your life.
    • Call for help every ten seconds.
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    How many people’s lives would have to be at stake before you’re willing to die for them?

    • Any number, as long as you know at least one person has a decent background, and your actions wouldn’t cause even more death.
    • Anyone, any number.
    • Two or more.
    • Quite a few.
    • Never.
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    You’re being interrogated for valuable information, and the interrogators say they’ll let you go if you tell them. What do you do?

    • Refuse to tell them, take what comes, and hope you get out eventually.
    • Try to escape.
    • Give them the information and hope they keep their word.
    • Try to kill yourself.
    • Repeatedly tell them you don’t know.
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    Someone breaks into your house and he or she doesn’t know you’re there yet. What do you do?

    • Grab a knife, then, when he or she comes around the corner, you stab them in both his or her eyes, then call the police.
    • Grab a heavy object, and when he or she comes around the corner, you start bashing he or she in the head with it until the person’s dead. Then call the police.
    • Get out of the house and run to the nearest house or public facility to get a phone to call the police.
    • Grab a phone and run.
    • Show yourself and submit.
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    You get kidnapped and put in a pitch black basement, locked to the stone wall by chains, with no way of contacting anyone outside, being repeatedly assaulted and harassed by your capture. What do you do?

    • Kill yourself.
    • Submit.
    • Find the point where the chain meats the wall, dig behind it and try to free it. Then go from there.
    • Try to build your strength so you can fight your capture.
    • Complain about how tight they are until your capture loosens them, then make your move, eat very little to try to make the chains looser, or dislocate one wrist to get it free, and go from there.
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    Your and your neighbor’s houses catch fire. What do you do?

    • Run out of your house and call 911.
    • Grab a fire extinguisher to help you escape, then call 911.
    • Grab a fire extinguisher to help you escape, then go to your neighbor’s house and help them out. (With the help of the fire extinguisher.) Then call 911.
    • Run out of your house, go to help your neighbor, then call 911 if you make it out alive.
    • Kill yourself.
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    You’re driving your girlfriend home, and it starts severely storming. Her parents call and make you pull over. A police car pulls up behind you. The cop comes over and asks you basic questions about drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc., none of which you have. You tell him you’re waiting for the storm to clear. He asks if he can join you. You say no. He tells you to get out of the car. What do you do?

    • What he told you to.
    • Refuse.
    • Seem confused, and try to keep the situation from going that direction.
    • As he says. Then, when he doesn’t expect it, grab his gun and shoot him in the head. Then call… different police.
    • As he says. Then, when he doesn’t expect it, grab any ranged weapons he has off of him, and hold him at a distance with them. Tell your girlfriend to call… different police.
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    You have no weapons on you, and you’re by yourself, out in the open. Someone in a mask easily over-powers you, and drags you where no one can see you, then attempts to rape you. What do you do?

    • Try to break free and run.
    • Continually fight back.
    • Scream for help, and fight as best you can.
    • Kill yourself.
    • Take it. He runs off, and you move on with your life as best you can.
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    You’re with someone you know, by yourselves, when a large, strong man in a mask, armed with a gun, grabs your friend, threatens you, then takes them around the corner and tries to rape them. What do you do?

    • Watch from around the corner, and only intervene if it looks like he’s going to kidnap him or her.
    • Move on with your life, and be more cautious in the future.
    • Immediately try to fight them.
    • Yell at them the whole time.
    • Wait for him to leave the room with your friend, then, grab a knife, wait for him to be distracted, then come around the corner and attack.
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    On a scale of one to five, how good was this quiz? (Doesn’t affect anything.)

    • 1. this was terrible. I would never have done any of the answers available.
    • 2. Not very good. Some of the questions and/or answers were just lacking.
    • 3. Not half bad.
    • 4. Good, but there are a couple changes I’d make.
    • 5. AMAZING! (Lbh, no one’s gonna click this.)

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