Are You Feminine, Masculine, Or Gender Neutral? Take This Quiz To Find Out

  • Question of

    What bothers you more in others?

    • Intolerance
    • Ignorance
    • Moodiness
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    If you’re working on an important project and your friend calls you upset, what do you do?

    • I drop what I’m doing and talk to them
    • I tell them I’m busy but will talk to them for a few minutes
    • I tell them I’m busy and will call them back when I’m free
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    Changing plans last minute:

    • Bugs me
    • Is totally fine with me
    • I love it when plans change, it’s exciting!
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    What’s your ideal dinner conversation?

    • A heated debate about politics
    • Hearing about everyone’s plans for the summer
    • Peaceful small talk
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    Which of the following is most true?

    • I always do what I say, people can depend on me
    • I sometimes do what I say
    • I rarely do what I say, I like to stay flexible
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    Your friend calls you in tears, how do you handle it?

    • I ask them what’s wrong, then try to get them to stop cry as fast as I can
    • I perk up a bit, I’m good at listening to people when they’re upset
    • I listen to what they say but I don’t get too invested
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    What phrase reflects your overall goal for this life?

    • I want to create a better world for everyone, in general
    • I want to create a better world through my personal abilities and talents
    • I want to create a better world for me and my family
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    Why do you create things?

    • Out of a yearning for ‘something more or better’
    • To know that I ‘finished’ something
    • I enjoy the process
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    When does inspiration usually hit for you?

    • When I’m thinking on my own
    • When I’m talking with my friends
    • I get inspired from both processes
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    What is your actual gender?

    • Male
    • Female
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    Which color do you prefer?

    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Green
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    How do you make decisions?

    • Instinct
    • Intuition
    • Logic
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    What did you like to play with growing up?

    • Dolls
    • Action Figures
    • Both
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    Which chore do you like least?

    • Dishes
    • Laundry
    • Dusting
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    How do you prefer to wear your hair?

    • Short
    • Mid-Length
    • Long

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