Are you in love, lust, or just have problems?

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    How often do you see your crush?

    • Every single day, as much as possible, multiple times a day
    • Often, but not as much as you can, a few times a day
    • Rarely or never.
    • Every once in a while, maybe once a day
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    How often do you talk to your crush?

    • Rarely or never
    • Very often
    • Whenever you see him/her
    • If you get the opportunity to you might try to talk to them
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    Have you ever wanted to kiss your crush?

    • Maybe, if you think they are attractive
    • Oh yea baby, give me some sugar
    • Not really
    • Yes, I dream about it all day and night
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    Have you ever kissed your crush?

    • Never
    • Yes, on the lips and more
    • Yes, maybe on the lips, maybe on the cheek
    • Maybe once, on the cheek, just a hello kiss
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    Have you ever imagined having sex with your crush?

    • I have; but I don’t let it abuse my complete view on him/her
    • Not really
    • All the time; it’s too bad I can’t get any
    • I guess a few times; I like him/her enough to
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    Have you ever had sex with your crush?

    • No, but I want to
    • No, and I don’t want to
    • Yes, but we only have done it on rare occasions to show our affection towards each other
    • Our relationship is all about sex, I always need more, but I don’t know if he/she wants more
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    What physically do you like about your crush?

    • Their hair or eyes or body
    • I’m not sure, I can’t explain it.
    • Everything
    • Their sexual areas
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    Do you like the same movies, books, TV shows, etv?

    • For the most part; yes; and even if there are a few that we don’t agree on, we’ll still watch them for each other
    • Yup, I’m pretty sure
    • Maybe a few, I’m not really sure though
    • I don’t think so
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    Have you been on a date with your crush?

    • Yes, more than one, multiple places
    • Maybe once if I’m lucky
    • Never
    • Yes, but not that many
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    Do you know each others parents?

    • Yes, but I’m not sure how’d they act together
    • Not at all
    • Maybe, but not well
    • Yes, both of our families get together greatly
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    Do you talk about your crush to your friends?

    • Nope, you’re too afraid to.
    • Yes, he/she is so hot!
    • Possibly with your best friend or family
    • Of course, I’m confident enough with him/her that we can easily talk about each other
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    Has your crush given you their phone number or email address?

    • Maybe their screen name, but I don’t think that he/she would give me their phone number
    • I have neither, I’m too afraid to ask.
    • Yes, we are always talking on them
    • Yes, but usually I just talk to them face to face
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    Do you get along with their friends?

    • No, I don’t know their friends or don’t like them
    • For the most part yes, and he/she gets along with mine
    • Yes, but only to make her/him happy
    • I’m friendly towards them, but I really don’t know them
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    What do you normally talk about with your crush?

    • Everything that exists in my life
    • Sometimes what we have in common, not that much
    • Nothing, or we just say hi and bye.
    • What we have in common, and maybe something sexual
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    Have you told your crush your deepest and darkest secrets?

    • Maybe one or two, but I don’t know if I can trust them
    • Yes, to improve our relationship
    • Some of them
    • None, I can’t trust him/her, or I’m too afraid to
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    If you were to make a big mistake in your relationship with him/her, what do you think would happen?

    • I really don’t know him/her, so there would be no mistake to make
    • We’d probably dump each other OR I don’t think I know him/her well enough for a mistake to happen between us
    • I’m not sure, maybe if he/she is incredibly persistent about it
    • It would be tough, but we would find a way to appease each other and love each other again
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    Your crush is really sick, so you:

    • See what you can do to make them feel better, and give a 90% effort into it
    • Tell them that you hope that they feel better
    • Go to their house and do whatever will make him/her feel better
    • Feel bad for him/her
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    Your secret about your crush/love leaks out. What do you do?

    • You’re pissed, but not too pissed, because you never told anyone about it
    • You’re very pissed, and go to see how it leaked
    • What crush?
    • Nothing, we love each other enough that we show our affection outwards often
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    Does you’re crush already have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

    • I don’t think so which is why I’m attempting to go out with him/her
    • Definitely, and they are really in love.
    • Yes, but you think it won’t last
    • Nope, I’m going out with him/her
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    You notice that your crush is going through depression because of family problems, friend problems, or any other very difficult issues. What do you do?

    • Try to do everything in your power without having to go through too much work
    • Do everything that is in your power to do. That even means calling the police if you have.
    • Send your condolences
    • Hope that they can find a way to make things better.

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