Are You In Love With Your Crush?

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    Do you like to show him off to your friends?

    • Totally! I point him out whenever I see him!
    • Not really. I think they won’t approve
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    Whenever you see him do you say hi? or just kind of glance over and mumble the word hi?

    • No i don’t like to say hi, i think he’ll come over to talk to me. Then what do i say?
    • Yeah, but only when my friends aren’t around. I think that they’ll judge me.
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    Have you ever told your friends about him?

    • Like Every day! They think it’s totally awesome that he might like me too!
    • Sometimes. But only when they bring stuff like that up.
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    When your around him do you get nervous?

    • All the time!
    • Like never! I’m usually the one rushing up to him to start a conversation!
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    Does he even know your name?

    • No. ‘sad’ ‘sad’
    • Yep. He says it every day! He says that he thinks its cute!
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    If he rides the same bus as you, does he sit by you?

    • Yeah sometimes!
    • Not really, he kind of sits by his friends a lot.
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    Has he every (meaningfully) looked into your eyes?

    • No way
    • Yeah omg! there was this one time…….
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    When you look at him do you look at the outside or the inside?

    • Inside
    • Outside
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    How long have you liked him/her?

    • For more than a year
    • For several months to a year
    • For a few weeks to several months
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    Do you think about him/her before you fall asleep?

    • Yes! And just thinking about him/her helps me fall asleep
    • Yeah, sometimes, but not that often
    • No, I prefer to think about other things then
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    How do you feel when you talk to this person?

    • Oh, you know – those annoying little butterflies flutter around…I can’t stop smiling and I sometimes say things that don’t even make sense. And then I blush. I feel good:)
    • I feel like I talk to a normal person. Well, of course, there is that little bit of embarrassment – because, y’know, I like him/her….: P
    • I feel happy, but it’s not the butterfly thing. It’s nice talking to them and it kinda fixes my mood. Kinda
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    Whenever you read something he/she wrote that refers to you (even as a friend), or recall an activity you two shared, how do you feel?

    • I feel happy. Like, really happy. Happy he/she actually considers me a friend and not just someone they don’t really know, or a weirdo
    • I don’t feel anything. It’s just a text. (OK, maybe I feel a LITTLE excited)
    • It all starts with that stupid smile – the one that makes me look like a happy, drunk horse: P Then I feel happy, and my heart seems to beat a little faster. Just a little, ’cause it’s just a text
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    Whenever he/she touches you, how does your body react?

    • It doesn’t do anything in particular. We just touched each other’s skin. I guess I feel a bit embarrassed, if anything
    • I feel embarrassed…and a little bit happy that I touched his/her skin
    • Well, I blush. For sure. Then I have a pleasant feeling, and can barely keep from smiling. I also feel a bit embarrassed
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    Have you ever had a fantasy about you and him/her kissing, hugging or even having sex? If you did, did you feel comfortable with it?

    • Yes, but not sex. I’ve imagined kissing and hugging them, though. I did not feel COMPLETELY comfortable with the thoughts, but they were still nice
    • I’ve imagined hugging or cuddling only. It felt nice. But kissing or sex, no. Well, MAYBE kissing – but definitely not sex
    • Well, yeah, I did. Even the sex part. And I was surprised that I felt completely comfortable with it. I even enjoyed it. Quite a lot, actually
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    Imagine him or her getting hurt. How do you feel?

    • I feel bad, but it doesn’t hurt my heart at all. I mean, he/she will heal, after all
    • Oh God, no! I don’t even want to imagine that. It would feel awful….It would hurt really bad
    • It doesn’t feel good at all, but I can’t say that it really hurts
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    If he/she suddenly changed something with their outward appearance (dyed his/her hair blue, got piercings, or did anything else to drastically alter their looks), would you still like him/her?

    • Well, at first it would be a bit hard to accept it, but I would get used to it and it would be OK
    • Of course! I don’t care what he/she does in that sense. I like his/her character. When you are in love, you don’t care so much about appearance
    • Umm….I don’t think so. Probably not. Well, maybe it’d be OK eventually
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    You are checking your Facebook wall. As you scroll down you see a status of him/her saying that they are newly ‘In a Relationship.’ How do you feel?

    • I’m sad. Really sad. I cry a bit, and I am miserable for a couple of weeks or so. But I will slowly get used to it, and continue to like him/her
    • I will try to get over him/her. They now have a boyfriend/girlfriend, and I will move on. It’s not that difficult
    • It hurts. A lot. Like, that he/she won’t be able to like me back now. But after a while, I realize he/she will be happy. So I am happy for him/her
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    Could you get over him/her?

    • It’s possible, but will be EXTREMELY hard. Wait – I don’t even think it’s possible. I like him/her so much!
    • Well, yeah, I guess, but it would be a huge challenge
    • Well, as I said before, it’s possible

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