Are you interested in love or just plain sex?

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    What do you do on a first date?

    • You have sex with him and then forget about him the next day
    • You don’t do anything and tell him it was a onetime thing
    • You kiss him and then call him the next day
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    If he asked you to come home with him on the second date, what would you say?

    • ‘Yeah, sure!’
    • ‘No, I have plans!’
    • It depends on how he acted!
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    How would you expect the guy to act like on the second date?

    • A complete jerk!
    • A total sweet heart!
    • It depends on the guy!
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    Where would you want to be for your first kiss?

    • On a tropical island with no one around!
    • By your locker at school!
    • Under a moonlit sky!
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    Do you like him for his body or his personality?

    • His body!
    • His personality!
    • Both!
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    Would you want him to take advantaged of you or let you make your own decisions?

    • Let me make my own decisions!
    • Take advantage of me! (sex and otherwise)
    • I don’t care what he does as long as he loves me!
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    Would you wait until you were married to have sex with him, or would you get into it right away?

    • I would wait till I was married to him!
    • It depends on the guy!
    • Get into it right away!
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    What would you do with him all day on a Saturday?

    • Nothing, I like to sleep in!
    • Make-out all day!
    • Have conversation with each other!
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    What would be the perfect time to lose your virginity?

    • On the first date!
    • Never!
    • On your Honeymoon!
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    What is the perfect gift from your boyfriend?

    • A dildo and extreme sex!
    • A piece of jewellery or a night out!
    • Nothing!

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