Are you Intrinsically or Extrinsically Motivated?


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    You go out partying with your friends and you are challenged by some scrawny lightweight to a drinking game. You:

    • What party?
    • Join in right away to defend your pride
    • Mouth off and up the stakes until a significant amount of money is involved
    • Are the designated driver (sucker)
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    You interview for the job of your dreams and afterwards they tell you you’re in, but the money is terrible and so are your hours. You:

    • Probably didn’t show up for the interview
    • Dance around a little and then accidentally puke on the interviewer because you are still hung-over from the night before
    • Haggle over the salary and if they won’t budge, keep on looking
    • Take the job. At least you’ll be happy doing what you love
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    This is one of the busiest weeks of your life. You have tons of homework assignments, and some are more important than others. Included is a major paper worth 25% of your grade, and a relatively fun assignment for a class you enjoy, but is only worth a small percentage. You:

    • Start working on the fun project to get your creativity flowing for when you have to bullshit your way through the paper
    • Watch desperate housewives. For “inspiration”
    • Stay up all night trying to do both
    • Spend all your time making sure the paper is perfect
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    You have been a complete jerk lately, and you can tell your significant other is really pissed off. You:

    • Keep ignoring the problem, it will go away
    • Listen to what they have to say, talk it out, and make a genuine attempt at improving the quality of your relationship
    • Suck it up and bring flowers/cook dinner/make nice, mostly because you haven’t been laid in a while
    • Break it off. You have no time for needy relationships with your fast paced lifestyle
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    In high school you used to run track. On the day of the competition you would most likely:

    • Try to win, mostly because your parents will hit you if you don’t
    • Push yourself to the MAX. Second place is just a fancy word for LOSER
    • Oversleep
    • Try hard, but have fun. Winning isn’t everything
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    Your little brother is having his 10th birthday party this Saturday, but you happen to have a hot date planned at the same time. You:

    • Send him lots of presents in the mail so that you can go on your date and not feel guilty
    • Reschedule your date and spend the evening partying with your little bro because you know it means a lot to him
    • Go on your date, show up at your brother’s party later and pass out drunk in the air-filled jump house
    • Manage to squeeze in a quick visit to wish him a happy 10th before you leave for your date
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    You are taking a course where the assigned reading is “optional.” You don’t have much free time, but the book seems like an interesting read. You:

    • Read the book cover to cover. Memorize some important facts for good measure
    • Screw that. There are more important things to be doing, like for grades
    • Look through it anyway, if you find some spare time
    • Think about reading it. maybe
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    You are the captain of an intramural soccer team, and you need to pick players for your team. You:

    • Ask your friends to play, you just want to have fun
    • Don’t really like soccer
    • Make sure to pick only the best players to ensure a successful season
    • Pfft. Who has time for intramural when you are practicing with the pros
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    In your opinion, which of the following is the best reason for keeping your grades up in school:

    • Getting good grades makes you feel good about yourself
    • Your mom probably won’t let you smoke in her house if you drop out.
    • You’ll lose your financial aid if you don’t
    • Good grades mean you can go to a good graduate school and get a good job and move up in your job and get lots of monies and success and fame
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    Why did you take this quiz?

    • You were offered money
    • Just for kicks
    • Because you REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW
    • Because you were bored

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