Are you just dreaming your fantasies?

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    Are you currently in a monogamous relationship? Is there one and only one person in your life you’re making love to?

    • There is one main person but I see others occasionally
    • I have no one special at this point.
    • Yes, just one, and I’m totally faithful.
    • There are several people I see and make love with.
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    Is there someone (or several) in your life you are currently flirting with besides your partner? Do you seek them out for conversations or make efforts to see them at work, etc.?

    • No one
    • There are several I’m flirting with
    • There is one person who comes to mind
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    Is there currently someone in your life besides your partner who excites you sexually? For example, when you see them, does your breath quicken, do you feel flushed, do you find yourself becoming sexually aroused, even a little?

    • There are several
    • There is one person
    • No, no one
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    Is there someone you know from work or socially who causes you to have sexual thoughts? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with them or fantasized about them?

    • There is a person who makes me feel this way.
    • I have fantasies about many people.
    • I have explicit fantasies about a person.
    • No one.
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    Would you ever take the step of going from sexual thoughts/fantasies about a person to actively entering a sexual relationship with them?

    • I wouldn’t do it because of the possible consequences.
    • I would never consider it.
    • If the right circumstances exist I might do it.
    • I have done so.
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    What is your reason for being attracted to someone outside your relationship?

    • The person is just more exciting than my lover.
    • I am not now, but have been in the past.
    • My partner is boring–I need more excitement/stimulation.
    • I am not and have never been.
    • My partner doesn’t meet my needs.
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    What makes this person more desirable than your partner?

    • He/she is more available than my partner.
    • I don’t know why, I just feel that way!
    • He/she is better looking or physically more attractive than my partner.
    • He/she is more caring or interested in me.
    • No one is more desirable than my partner.
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    How far have you taken your flirting?

    • I flirt with them openly and shamelessly and make sure they know I’m available.
    • I make sure I look good whenever I think I’ll see this person.
    • I’ve engaged in sexual banter, joking or innuendo with this person.
    • I try to make every effort I can to talk to or see this person.
    • I haven’t done anything outwardly.
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    Does the person you’re flirting with know your feelings?

    • They know, and it is possible we’ll have a relationship.
    • I know he/she doesn’t.
    • They know and we joke around, but would never get serious.
    • They know, but they don’t respond.
    • They haven’t given an indication.
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    How is your love relationship with your current partner?

    • It is excellent. We are totally attuned. I couldn’t be happier.
    • It is boring. We are in a rut and seldom do anything different.
    • It is horrible. We don’t make love and fight constantly.
    • I am looking for a way out.
    • It is mismatched. He/she wants things I don’t and vice versa.

How your perfect man/woman will be?

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