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    On the first day of school, you can’t decide which table to sit at, so you:

    • Sit by yourself
    • Sit with a group of artistic, and moody (but nice) peoples
    • Run to the table with the richest, most popular group
    • Shyly ask if you can sit with a group of nice, happy people
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    When somebody asks for your help with homework, you:

    • Agree to do it later
    • Immediately sit down with them
    • Tell them to get a life and study harder
    • Recommend somebody else who will “help them better”
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    Your favorite color out of these is:

    • Magenta, Pink, or Red
    • Lavender or Periwinkle
    • Green or Yellow
    • Black or Purple
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    When choosing a restauraunt for lunch, you pick:

    • Cook it for yourself at home
    • A pricy, gourmet restauraunt
    • A burger joint
    • A cafe or coffee shop
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    Late at night, when you are dead tired, but can’t fall asleep, you:

    • Go and take a sleeping pill
    • Open a book of poetry and do some night reading
    • Turn over in the hopes that you aren’t keeping anybody awake
    • Start giggling hysterically into your pillow until you suddenly pass out
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    Your friend accidentally opened a door and whacked you in the head. You:

    • Stalk off and never talk to them again
    • Give a flash of a grin and keep walking
    • Smile shyly and assure them you aren’t dead
    • Tell them its okay and then laugh about it at lunch once you’re completely over it
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    When you step in a grate and snap off the bottom of you high heel, you:

    • What? I never wear High Heels! (high hells, more like)
    • Curse and take out your extra pair from your handy handbag
    • You don’t usually wear heels, and so you were smart enough to wear a not-so-fancy pair. You pull out your comfy Flip-flops instead.
    • Smile, and walk on tip-toe on that foot for the rest of the day
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    You forgot to call your mom on her birthday, and you know she was expecting a phone call. You:

    • Call her frantically and apologize over and over
    • Call her up immediately, apologize, and tell her a joke that you know will make her laugh
    • You wouldn’t miss your mom’s birthday
    • Shrug and call her the next time you can.
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    You saw a teacher make out with somebody. You:

    • Run away and swear to yourself that it never happened.
    • Write an email to a distant cousin that doesn’t know your teacher, so it’s okay.
    • Tell your friends
    • Keep it to yourself, and write it in your journal
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    Was this test:

    • Boring
    • Nice
    • Wonderful
    • Great

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