Are you love sick? Guy edition

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    Do you know them and how well?

    • Yeah we talk often. And I know quite a bit about her.
    • We used to talk but we rarely talk now. I may have forgotten something.
    • We never talk. I know their first name and I think I can pronounce their last name
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    Do you see and talk to them often?

    • Yeah, I see them nearly everyday and we talk nearly every day.
    • I talk to them only at school (work, college, etc.) but I would want to talk to them more
    • She doesnÂ’t talk to me and I don’t talk to her.
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    What type(s) of conversations do you have with them?

    • Relevant conversations (Do we have maths today?) (or something to do with your location you both are).
    • The rare and basic ‘Hello’ and then being too scared to respond
    • Question and answer conversations (do you like comedy films?) *que joke.
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    Do you think about them a lot?

    • I can’t get them out of my head!
    • No, I have better thing to think about.
    • Only when something reminds me of them (facebook post).
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    When they look and smile at you how do you feel?

    • It’s nice to get reminders that people know who I am.
    • I feel like I can do anything (accept talk, smile or ask her out).
    • I feel like a terminator, ice cold.
  • Question of

    If you saw her upset and no one helping her, would you…

    • Go over and ask if she is ok and if she needs any help. Hopefully it will strike up a conversation.
    • Get someone to ask her if she is ok on your behalf (Don’t send a friend who is a flirt)
    • Don’t attempt to talk to her as she looks around and her eye crosses you not caring.
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    If you bravely told her how you feel but she laughed or didn’t feel the same way then she went out with another boy while you feel upset and like no hope she talks to you weeks after, after ignoring you because she had a boyfriend, she comes back and asks for forgiveness, what do you say?

    • Instantly forgive them and say to yourself ‘yolo’
    • If you are smart you should know how to stand up for yourself (choose the right answer)
    • Slowly start to trust them again and then she opens up and you start something beautiful (Letting yourself down because you let them use you as a rebound)
    • Say ‘I’m no one’s sloppy seconds and walk away feeling sad, angry and happy you stood up for yourself’
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    School is coming to an end soon and you are afraid you will never see them again, so you…

    • Staying quiet and not hinting anything.
    • Carry on your routine (talking to them sometimes)
    • Give subtle hints such as asking for their number or asking them to talk on facebook.
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    How do you feel when you see them talking to some other guy and what do you do.

    • Feel sad and keep on trying to talk to them as usual.
    • Cry and breakdown
    • Don’t care because you are a tank and there are plenty more fish in the sea
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    After taking this quiz are you…

    • Thinking about them right now and are going to ask them out.
    • You have given up and want to move on and love no more
    • Thinking about them and how amazing it would be to be with them.

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