Are You Loyal?


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    Have you ever broke your promise?

    • Hmmm, sometimes.
    • Yeah, quite often!
    • Never!
    • Don’t ask me: I do that all the time!
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    You watched a film at 10 o’clock. You mum comes and tells you to wash the dishes after the film’s over. Then she went to bed. You…

    • You hide the dishes.
    • Wash the dishes when the film’s over.
    • You watch the film until it’s over and then you go to sleep. No need to wash the dishes!
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    Do you always do what your parents tell you?

    • Yeah…always!
    • Sometimes.
    • If I’ve said I’ll do it, I do it. If I didn’t, I don’t.
    • Mmm….never.
    • Not always.
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    Your friends told you to steal. You don’t want to. You say no and they say you’re not their friend anymore. You….

    • Shrug, but when they’re not looking you steal and give the things you stole to them.
    • Say ‘okay’ and don’t steal, whatever your friends say.
    • Say, “okay, okay, I’ll do it!”
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    How many close friends do you have?

    • More than 10, but below 15
    • Tons! I can’t count.
    • More than 5
    • More than 3
    • More than 15
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    Do you like to hang out with your friends?

    • No…
    • Sometimes.
    • Yeah, it’s fun
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    Have you ever fought with your friends about your promises?

    • One or 2 times
    • Yeah, a lot
    • Never.
    • More than 3 times
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    Do you always say yes when your friends makes you promise about something?

    • No, I usually say no.
    • Sometimes
    • All the time.
  • Question of

    Have you and your friend quarreled?

    • Not everyday
    • Yes, all the time! But she’s still your friend.
    • Sometimes
    • Never!
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    Did you like the quiz?

    • No!
    • Yeah
    • Maybe

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